What The Heck…Wal-Mart?

Seriously…what is it with people who shop at Wal-Mart? I’m thinking there HAS to be some kind of mysterious obnoxious gas that they leak into that place that turns everybody there into drones. I have been to the local Wal-Mart here maybe 10 times, and there is never a smiling face in the place! Even the person they PAY to smile doesn’t smile. I can’t figure it out!

Today I ran in to get some shaving cream and cat litter. Seems like an easy 5 minute in and out…right? Well in the few minutes that I was there, I was almost run over by 2 people in those wheelie carts (you know, the ones for handicapped people. And I am starting to think EVERYONE at Wal-Mart is handicapped because there are over 8,000 handicapped parking spaces in the Wal-Mart parking lot! But I digress…), snarled at by at least 2 people in the toothbrush isle (yes, I actually drifted for a moment. Sue me.), and the checkout lady looked at me like I was stealing something after I scanned a 50 cent candy bar and put it in my pocket so I could munch on it in the car! What in the world?

I’m telling ya…evil gases are being expelled at Wal-Mart…and they ain’t coming out of Christopher’s butt! (Which is a whole different story altogether…but that is for another day!) Yeesh!

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3 Responses to What The Heck…Wal-Mart?

  1. amberfireinus says:

    Ok, Im gonna have a little rant here. Walmart is the worst place on earth to see the lowest parts of our society. Those wheelie carts that nearly ran you over? Ever notice that they are ALWAYS driven by someone weighing at least 400 lbs or more? They of all people NEED to be walking the store!

    Then, my pet peeve continues… do not ever go to Walmart on the first or the fifteenth of any month ever! Sadly its the day that people get their benefit checks. Im fine with that, but do you see what they are spent on??? Baskets full of absolute crap! DVD’s, and just junk. Meanwhile its winter, freezing cold and the children of these people are running around the store like wild crazy people (all hyped up on crappy food filled with sugar and preservatives and lacking in any kind of manners or social guidance) with no shoes on and runny noses. The mothers of course have big heavy coats on and shoes. I get so disgusted.

    Parking at a Walmart, you take your life into your hands. People will battle you to the death for a parking spot. I choose to park in the back 40 if I am forced to shop there at all. Heaven knows these people wont walk 5 steps further than they need to.

    I would rather just shop at Target and have a much more pleasurable shopping experience and save myself the stress..

  2. Kim says:

    I concur. Shop at Target.

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