Oh crap…so it begins…

Today my son was sent home from kindergarten at his montessori school with home work. This is a first, considering they NEVER send home homework. Apparently he didn’t complete his school work in class because he was goofing around with another kid in his class. This is not the first time he has been reported as “goofing around”, which leads me to believe that he will continue to be the class clown.

Great. Now I have phone calls and visits to the principal’s office and lousy report cards to look forward to. I’m sure he will mouth off to teachers, get busted passing notes, fart in class and get all the boys giggling, get caught wrestling at lunchbreak, not pay attention in science or math class, be late for every class after 11:30am, and be a general nuisance to everyone in his school.

I am not looking forward to 1st grade. I’m sure it is gonna be a mess. Stay tuned for further developments.


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One Response to Oh crap…so it begins…

  1. Kim says:

    Aaaah! Have fun with that. I remember vividly when Lex’s teacher told us she was the “class clown” in First grade. She got her official diagnosis of ADD (non-hyperactivity type) in third grade. It has been a battle ever since.

    Good luck with that! Hopefully Christopher is just an ornery boy and you won’t have more to deal with than that!!

    He sure is cute though!

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