And now for some more AIRPORT MIND DUMP!

Here’s this week’s load for ya…

1. I hate it when a couple flying takes 4 pieces of luggage (2 each) and then take up 2 total compartments to store all their crap! C’mon!!! Check some of that stuff! Those of us with only 1 piece would like to get our money’s worth also!

2. Seriously, you fart on a plane you are on a direct line to hell. I’m over it people. I can hold it from Atlanta to Cinci, you can too! Or there’s a restroom 4 rows up…

3. It’s a MOVING sidewalk. Walk already!

4. People can be so insensitive. Don’t go yelling about long security lines when you’re carrying on 2 bags that probably have every kind of electric cord, power pack and 4 different types of shampoo that you’ve gotten from various hotels. Security is just doing their jobs. And for that matter, if you’re in that big of a hurry, maybe you shoulda gotten here earlier.

5. Would it be too much to ask someone to smile? Seriously, travelling should be (to some degree) fun! Sure, for me its a job, but I still enjoy it…and so should you!

6. If I get one more person sticking their butt in my face while they cram their extra large bag into the overhead compartment, I might scream. At least acknowledge the fact that you’ve done so and that makes it little better. Seriously, a little “sorry ’bout that” goes a long way, especially in cramped quarters!

7. If you’re gonna get drunk and fly in a plane, I don’t want you sitting with me! However, you may sit one seat up so I can laugh at you the entire trip! (Thank you crazy drunk blonde from Chicago!)

8. If you happen to be a little overweight and I am sitting by the wondow, I got news for you…I can’t go anywhere else. Being a “non-touchy” person, I don’t like having you draped all over me. I got no where else to go! Please shift over so I have a little leg room…please?

9. Not particularly an airport issue, but if you have to ride in a cab, be very careful. It’s amazing how many pissed off cab drivers there are out there. And that includes Cincinnati! Angry people…those cab drivers…

Not sure if this is it. I might update later…  🙂 

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3 Responses to And now for some more AIRPORT MIND DUMP!

  1. I hate the people who crowd the boarding line before their boarding group is called.

    Related: The last time I flew, when I went through the security line, I did everything right and in a timely manner. When I walked through the detector without a beep, the agent said, “Good job.” It still cracks me up. I get an A in walking through a metal detector.

  2. Jen14221 says:

    From a blog posting of mine, about a month ago:

    My #1 tip for flying out of the Buffalo airport: If you’re flying early, maybe on a Monday when the airport is a madhouse, cruise past the arrivals portion of the terminal (lower level) and check to see if there’s any activity over on the right, under the white awning. That’s the old international security checkpoint, and when things get busy upstairs at the regular TSA passthroughs, they open this one up. You can fly through security in 15 minutes. Also – here’s another tip. Pack your fucking liquids and gels in a see-through ziploc quart-sized bag. I’m sick of you assholes who are not prepared. Oh, and while you’re at it? TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES and BELT and put your laptop in a goddamn gray bin. Thanks. Love you. Not really.

    The link to the original is here:

  3. Stefui says:

    Ah! I totally agree!

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