Gutter Talk

Last week I downloaded the new album by The Gutter Twins called “Saturnalia”. The lead singers in this band are the former leads of The Screaming Trees and Afghan Whigs. Both have very deep, baritone voices and love loud guitars. I really like the album, and it includes the song “Idle Hands”, which is my new favorite song of this year. But one of the other things I really dig about it is the album cover art. 

Don’t know why, but I think it’s awesome! Kinda lonely, sad and scary. Creepy and depressed. Strange how art strikes in different ways.

Here are the lyrics to “Idle Hands”. It’s not for everyone but I love the soaring guitars, the heavy 90’s rock beat and the 2 leads sound better than ever. And towards the end of the song when the guitars start to sound like tornado sirens, I get all sweaty and start banging my head. Awesome!

“Idle Hands”  Gutter Twins 

With my idle hands
There’s nothing I can do
But be the Devil’s plaything, Baby
And know that I’ve been used
Your lips are cold, they suffer me
They drag me under, Baby
Into your suffering
Let your hands do what they will do
Stand inside, make your maker’s move
And your old eyes don’t look the same
They’ve seen better, Baby, in the light
Just like stones, like me
They work for my eyes
Growing through mine

My eyes have seen
They have been shown
This is an occupation
To stand alone
I suffer you
You suffer me
We are the Devil’s plaything into this reckoning
Let your hands do what they will do
Stand inside; make your maker’s move
But your old eyes don’t look the same
They’ve seen heaven, Baby, in denial
Just like stones, like me
Work for mine,
Work for mine


Here’s an additional blog that I found interesting in regards to the cover art of “Saturnalia”…I’m not the only one!

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2 Responses to Gutter Talk

  1. kcalland says:

    Song lyrics rock my world. Thanks for sharing.

    And I love that cover art too. Kind of looks like how I’ve been feeling lately.

  2. mandy says:

    When I scrolled down and saw the cover art, my first thought was “oh, what movie is that? I want to go watch it!”

    Just checked out the song on rhapsody. Very nice, you know I like loud, heavy guitar and 90’s influence.

    Yeah, 90’s rock ruled!!!!!

    Aackk! Stop pummeling me with stones!

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