Storks Don’t Really Bring Babies…

As we go along, my wife and I are trying to be as open and honest about things as we can about as much as we can. There are things we definately want to hold onto…like Santa & the Easter Bunny. But other issues, such as where babies come from, Steph & I are doing our best to let the kids know how the babies come into this world, which essentially means we have dropped out of the stork business.

At the kids’ school, one of their teachers is pregnant, so that sparked some discussion the other day between my son and my wife while she was driving them home. While my daughter sat listening, Christopher asked how babies come into this world. Stephanie proceeded to explain that the babies get bigger in the mommies bellies and then they come out into the world via the vaginal canal. Sometimes doctors have to do other things to get the babies out but for the most part, that is normal childbirth protocol. 

So both kids sat and thought about it, and after a couple of minutes of silence, something clicks with Ava and she says, “I was…in your vagina?”

Needless to say, my wife almost drove off the road.

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2 Responses to Storks Don’t Really Bring Babies…

  1. Kim says:

    That is fricken’ hilarious. Ava rocks!

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