Baseball Needs A Clock

Here’s the deal with baseball. If you are in the stands, paying 8 bucks for a beer and $4 for a tiny bag of peanuts, and you’re with your buddies on a hot, summer day and ya got nothing else to do, baseball is the bomb.

But if you are working the game, whether you are the peanut vendor or the lowly graphics operator for the tv truck hidden somewhere in the bowels of the stadium, BASEBALL SUCKS!

Tonight it was supposed to be a 7pm kickoff, I mean tipoff…I mean first pitch. Mother Nature decides she would rather we have at it at 9pm. So finally the rain lets up and we go to it and I don’t get home until 12:30am. Now I gotta go and get up in the morning and be at work by 8am for a 1pm game tomorrow. Seriously…if you can’t get a game in (and I mean ANY game) in under 4 hours, call it a day. I know the owners want all that beer money, but it’s pouring down for crying out loud and its freezing rain! Go home people! Are you looking for pneumonia? Do ya wanna get sick and die coughing and wheezing for 4 days? Why was there ANYBODY at this game tonight? And who in their right mind is gonna hang out at home and watch a 30 minute post-game after a game the Reds lost?!?!?

Ugh. Baseball needs a clock. If you don’t throw the ball in less than 25 seconds the guy walks to first. If you can’t change sides in less than 2 minutes you forfeit your turn at bat. And if it rains for almost 2 hours, we all call it a day and go home and watch CSI reruns. But 5 and a half hours is a bit much.

That being said…I get good overtime! And that will get me a good nights sleep tonight! 🙂

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3 Responses to Baseball Needs A Clock

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  2. 34phil says:

    what are you talking about baseball is the best sport ever baseball dosnt suck

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