There’s A Tiger Lurking At Augusta


Augusta National is awesome. You would be hard pressed to find anybody who can argue that. It is one of the most prestigious golf courses in the world, and it lives up to the hype. I’ve been here before, but I’ve never walked it. So today, after my lunch, I set out on my journey.

First off, the first hole. Long driver is needed. 455 yards long. And its a par 4. Uh…right. I keep walking.

2nd hole, Par 5, 575 yards. Really? Okay…walked it. Thinking about skipping a couple of holes at this point. Let’s jump ahead to 8…cause my legs are already feeling the burn.

8th hole. 570 yard Par 5. C’mon now! Seriously? Okay…I’ll hang here at the tee box, but I’m going to slide on over to the…what green is this? 17? Cool! Someone is up there putting. Oh…it’s Ernie Els. Nice! Okay…gotta keep moving. Hey…what’s all that cheering about? Is Tiger up ahead? Let’s go find out!

Hop through the 15th fairway (which has a pretty little pond directly in front of it), skip over the 14th fairway. Uh oh…feeling like I might have to go pee soon…and my legs are feeling like lead at this point.

Up ahead…Amen Corner. Possibly the prettiest 3 holes in all of golf. 11th hole is nice. Long but workable. The noise is all coming from the 12th hole, called Golden Bell, and most folks consider it to be the personality of The Masters. Got 2 bridges that cross over water. Cute little Par 3. Surrounded by flowers and bunkers. Everyone is there watching the pros take pot shots at a hole in one. So THAT’S what all the commotion is all about. No Tiger here! Just a lot of folks having some fun. Moving on…bladder is not happy.

Ahhh…the 13th hole. My favorite. It’s just pretty. Azaleas everywhere. But man is this thing looooong. 510 yards, Par 5. Good luck on that one Tiger! But it is pretty…

Okay…now I gotta run. Let me tell ya…for a practice round, there sure are a lot of people here! No way I’m waiting in THAT line to go to the restroom! Heading back to work anyways…I can hold it…

Hey wait a minute! There on the practice green…who is it? Well…there is a Tiger here after all. Just putting around on a nice day here in Augusta. Hope you have a good round Tiger. No way I would EVER want to embarrass myself on this course! But somehow I got a feeling you’ll handle it just fine. 


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1 Response to There’s A Tiger Lurking At Augusta

  1. mom says:

    I’ve read this so many times!! You always were a good story writer. No wonder you went into TV. Love the pictures, too. You can help me get them into “My Pictures” the next time you come home. Love……..MOM

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