I Take Pictures

In response to my friend Kim’s blog, here are some of my favorite photos that I’ve taken through the years. I take a gazillion photos, but these are some that I carry with me on my computer wherever I go!

10. A Day At The Park – Ava was just learning to walk. Christopher would usually hold her hand. Here, she decided she could do it on her own.

9. Snow Angel – Christopher loves to play in the snow. What 5 year old doesn’t?

8. Passing By – I don’t recall when I took this picture…but I like it!

7. A Great Day – My youngest sister and my brother at her wedding. She looks beautiful and happy. He looks like a dork. It works for him, I guess…  (just kidding Frank!)

6. Soccer Daze – Christopher played soccer when he was 3. His pants kept falling down. I got this shot when he was playing goalie.

5. Fun On A Summer Day – Out for a walk. Snapped this one on our trip. It’s the wallpaper I use on my computer…

4. American Idol – Christopher got a new guitar for Christmas. He loves to rock out on it!

3. Ava & Cinderella – I took this from an odd angle without looking through the viewfinder (I’m actually holding Ava). I love Ava’s reaction to her favorite Princess!

2. Mom – I can’t think of a better picture to discribe my mom. Smiling, enjoying life. It’s the way she is!

1. Ava’s First Timeout – I’ve taken a million pictures. I’ve got hundreds that I like. But this one has got to be in my Top 5. She was not happy! LOL

Although I didn’t take it, I’m gonna post it anyways…because I love it! It’s my family at Halloween. A rowdy crew we are, maties!


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2 Responses to I Take Pictures

  1. mandy says:

    I love it when you post pictures. Ava is too cute in time out!

    Nice black eye in the pirate picture! Everytime I think of you at Halloween, I remember your “Revenge of the Nerds” getup from high school. Actually, I told Kasey about that, so she decided to be a “nerd” for a halloween party last year. She raided MY CLOSET for the outfit. I had to throw away a pair of shoes after the party because her friends laughed so hard at how they were perfect nerd shoes. (No need to remind me that “if the shoe fits….”)

  2. mom says:

    I’m gonna send you another picture!!!!!!! ‘nough said…

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