My Claim To Fame

Walking around in Times Square the other day reminded me of the last time I did it. It was probably 4 years ago. I remember because it was on that day that I witnessed my claim to fame.

I was in New York working the Westminster Dog Show at Madison Square Garden. I had a late crewcall (the time I had to be at work), so I went walking down to Times Square. Get some exercise, get some pizza, enjoy the weather. You know the drill.

Well, in Times Square, there is the huge jumbotron that sits up on the building which is directly in the center of the square. Here’s a detailed image taken this week of it’s location…

So anyways, I remember walking and looking up and seeing an NBC promo for a show that the network was going to air soon called “Television Bloopers”, or something like that, which was essentially a show about goofy television news moments that had been caught on tape. Having worked in television for a long time, I love to watch these shows!

Pause story for a brief history…I used to direct a morning show called “The Daily Buzz” back in 2002. I only directed it for a year or so, but it was a “network” show for quite a few WB and local Fox affiliates around the country. We always had crazy things happening on that show. It was the way we wanted it to be! So we had plenty of outtakes!

So I think our Executive Producer at the time must have sent in clips to NBC or something because as I’m watching the big jumbotron, up pops something on the show that I directed!!! It was a brief clip, but I totally remembered it happening!

Uh…so that’s my fleeting moment of fame…something that I was a part of was shown on the big jumbotron board in Times Square.

Exciting stuff, huh? Now get back to work!

(And if you don’t believe I used to direct the show, go check this out! It’s my SECOND claim to fame. Dunno why it hasn’t been taken down yet…but I can say I am on IMDB!!!)

P.S. Here are a couple of the clips that aired on that blooper show that I directed. Go here…and here. A shout out to my buddy Brad for postin’ em!

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2 Responses to My Claim To Fame

  1. mandy says:

    Holy heck! You’re on IMDB?!!??!!!! That is so friggin awesome! Woohoo! My bro is famous! This even beats the whole “dad went to school with Vince Vaughn’s dad” thing!

  2. mom says:

    I think Dau (?) using a telephone book to sit on is funnier than Andrea!!!! Love………

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