New York…Central Park

First off, on the way out of my hotel, right across the street, I got to see my first red carpet event! Tina Fey’s “Baby Mama” was opening here tonight. I didn’t see her or her co-star, Amy Poehler, but I got to see the carpet! And the paparazzi. Moving on…

Central Park is awesome. And, like the rest of New York City…very big. Over 2.6 miles big. And it’s the most visited city park in the United States. So much to do here, so little time.


You like sports? It’s here. You like walking. Here. Like climbing? Check. Got kids? There are play areas. Got a dog? Got places for them too. There is plenty of space to get away from everyone and just be. I have to imagine living in New York has got to be crazy. Central Park is a way to get away from crazy…and hang with some crazies. Hey! Everyone is welcome here, and it seems like everyone gets along nicely! On a beautiful spring day, you can watch some baseball, catch a kickball match, get your crotched sniffed by a giant “Marmaduke” dog named Chelsea, or just hang out on park benches or lay on the ground and veg out. It’s my kinda place.

I managed to take a few pictures that I like. I think I’ll just stop here and let you soak it all in.


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  1. very cool, thanks for the views.

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