What The Heck…Democrats?

I really don’t like discussing religion or politics on my site. I figure we all have our beliefs…but I have to say something!!!

Is it just me, or does it seem like the Democratic nominees are shooting themselves in the foot? I’m not gonna lie…I’m a democrat. I don’t know that John Kerry would have done any better than W, but I would like to think he would have. Now, with 2 strong nominees, our dreams of a democratic candidate that is unbeatable have become just that…dreams. Here’s what I think about both Hillary Clinton and/or Barack Obama

If either of them are gonna impress me, they better stop fighting with one another and get on down to business. I’m tired of hearing about Obama’s minister and Hillary’s memory loss. I’m tired of all the silly headlines. Barack plays basketball? Hillary downs a shot? I want something concrete. Here’s where this is all heading…Clinton’s followers are gonna get so fed up with the mudslinging that Obama’s doing, that if he wins the Democratic ticket, all her voters might go vote for John McCain.

And Obama’s followers are gonna get so fed up with Hillary’s mudslinging that, if she wins the Democratic ticket, they might not vote at all!

I wanna hear about our economy. I wanna hear about our education system. I wanna know what they think about the war in Iraq. What will they do about it? What about gas cost? What about the lack of jobs available in our country? So many things I wanna know! I don’t care about all of the little bickering. Get on with it people!

If you need to know what Obama thinks, here is a site that breaks it down.

If you need to know what Hillary thinks, here is the same site, different link.

If you are a Republican…go find your own information. I figure we’ve spotted you 8 years.

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1 Response to What The Heck…Democrats?

  1. mom says:

    Don’t worry about what they are NOT saying. They both know it is going to be a BIG job just to stay afloat after what george w has done to the country. No matter who gets the nomination, the dems will join together and get a dem in the WH. We cannot stand another term of George W’s politics. If you want work, health care, decent schools and curriculum, you better stay democrat and try to get the young voters out. I don’t care who is on the ticket, vote democrat. A stay at home voter is actually voting Republican, and he wants a 100 year war. Of course, the only ones left to fight are the middle class who have no jobs, so they join up just to get a pay check. ‘Nough said. Love………..

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