I’m Goin’ To Hell For This One

I got home today from NYC. Nice place, love to visit. Glad to be home. Can’t say that I was in a good mood or a bad mood…until I stopped to get something (this person’s job and where he/she might live will remain undisclosed) and noticed this person’s name on his/her tag.

I’ve since come home to look it up. Apparently its Spanish. And the name…


I’m sorry…but I had to stifle a laugh. It’s childish and I know that he/she has probably been dealing with it his/her entire life…but still…

I’m sorry Fartun! *giggle* You seemed very nice! *huhuh* But that name has DEFINATELY got me in a good mood now! *snort*


And now I can go directly to hell…or at least back to 3rd grade…

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