The End Of Alan Day

Don’t know if you know it, but yesterday was officially Alan Day. I was looking for it on the calendar that I bought for my wife for Christmas and it wasn’t on there, so hopefully you got the memo and you were able to celebrate. If you haven’t heard of Alan Day, it’s because it only happens once every 6 or 7 years and it isn’t on a set date. It moves around, sometimes happening in September, other years in July. This year it was in May. May 4th to be exact. So how did I celebrate Alan Day? Funny you should ask…

My family was away for a wedding and the dog was at my mother-in-laws house, so I slept in until 9:45am. I then proceeded to make coffee, go get the paper, sit and read the paper, have a bowl of cereal and drink my coffee without interruption. Nice start, huh?

I then took a super long shower (15 minutes), got all spiffied up (sweats and a t-shirt) and went to the grocery where I proceeded to go down every aisle and peruse all of the stuff that I never get to see when I have 2 kids strapped to the cart pulling things off the shelves.

I returned home, sat on the couch and watched a movie until 2:30, then I proceeded to go see another movie at the movie theatre. Iron Man was okay (check my review here). Then I got in my car, went and picked up my buddy, drove to Columbus and saw Elvis Costello open for The Police. It was AWESOME (check my review here). I then drove home, got in around 1:45am, kissed my wife on the forehead and fell fast asleep.

This morning I was woken up by the dog whining. He had to go to the bathroom. My throat hurts from screaming last night. My head aches from too little sleep. And as I get up, pour myself a cup of joe, my daughter calls for me from the bathroom. She needs her bottom wiped.

Alan Day is now officially over. But I look forward to celebrating it again some day. Maybe in 6 or 7 years!

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1 Response to The End Of Alan Day

  1. mom says:

    So weird. I have never liked being alone. Oh, maybe for 15-20 minutes, but a whole day???? Even right now while dad is sleeping through a show that I can’t change the channel on because he is “watching it” in his sleep, I am glad that he is there. But then, he isn’t going to bring me a dead bird or a dirty hankie when he wakes up, either!!!……………

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