…and finally…it’s over.

It all started on March 11th. 57 total days. Since then I have worked 46 of those days. I have been to Atlanta, Birmingham, Charlotte, Augusta, New York, and Louisville. I have been away from home (not in Cincinnati) 35 of those days. I’m feeling a little beat up. But, other than a slight chest cold, I remain intact. Nothing like an incredible amount of work to make you feel as if you might never have another day to yourself. However, now that it’s over, I feel a sense of accomplishment.

Keep in mind, what I do isn’t blue collar work. I sit at a keyboard and type and get to watch sporting events. That being said, eventually the long hours and the sitting and the airports and the hotels and the not being at home gets to you. I swear my kids have both grown 3 inches since I’ve been gone. I think Christopher might be ready to drive soon. Ava has been asked on a date already! What is going on?!?!?

Just kidding. But I can now breathe a little bit and get started on this “honey-do” list that has been waiting for me for 2 months. Looks like it’s gonna be a long summer! But at least it will be with the ones who love me most…my family.

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2 Responses to …and finally…it’s over.

  1. mandy says:

    So are you still thinking about coming to visit over Memorial Day weekend?

  2. mom says:

    Don’t know what to say to that, son. When I traveled, I traveled for fun. I didn’t work when I got there. Of course, I cooked for eight people, tried to keep an 8’x27′ motorhome clean, beds made for everyone, laundry done, held on to everything while you all rode the rides at Disney for the 20th year in a row…….oh, looks like worked when I traveled for fun……………love, mom

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