April: The Month That Was

As I have posted most of my travels and tribulations here over the past couple of months, I thought maybe I would update everyone on the rest of my family and their doings…because my Mom likes it when I do! And as we all know…May 11th IS Mother’s Day!

 The Easter Bunny came!

  Christopher turned 6

  Ava drew…a lot

  Ava’s April Artwork

  Sunny Days At The Park

 They Planted Flowers!

 Painted Ava’s Toes

  Then Off to N.C. for…

  Cousin Chris’ wedding!

  They played in the sand.

  The water was too cold!

April was a good month! Can’t wait to see you in May, Grandma!


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One Response to April: The Month That Was

  1. mom says:

    Don’t forget your CD case with my copy of those pictures!!! Enjoy them now, honey. They soon grow up and move to another state. Love

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