Globalization and Why I Don’t Know My Neighbors

Not wanting to sound pithy here, but I am really starting to wonder if globalization is such a good idea. I know that for about 30 years now, American government has been on this major kick of wanting to be the ambassadors of good will and bring the world closer to one another, but I don’t get it. Why? Why would I want to be closer to Thailand? Or why would someone from England want to be closer to me?

My wife and I have this conversation from time to time and I think it is a valid one…do we really have to be friends with everybody? Can’t we just have our social groups and the people that we want to be close to and live a happy life that way? Here is where this discussion comes from…I was reading about Myanmar this morning. It’s an incredible tragedy. Thousands have died because of a cyclone that tore through a region of that country. It’s a terrible story and you hate to hear about it. But the government there is not allowing a throng of people over to help take care of the disaster area. They are trying (or not trying) to cope with it and have sent the message that they don’t necessarily want a billion people flooding into their country to fix everything. I would say to our government here to respect their wishes.

I know this makes me sound horrible. How can I think about not supplying help to a third world country that has just been hit by a devastating disaster. But here is my argument.  THEIR GOVERNMENT DOESN’T WANT US TO HELP. It’s their country, let them do what they want. Why do we always have to get involved?

When Katrina hit New Orleans, our government was so slow to respond, that all our media could talk about for weeks was how bad it was. Hell…New Orleans is still trying to recover 2 years later. Where is all the government funding for THAT project? Where were all of the other countries that are our friends? Why didn’t France send in workers to try and help the homeless in Louisana? 

I don’t understand globalization. I live on a cul-de-sac street. We have very little traffic and I should know all of my neighbors. But I don’t. I know most of the ones who smile at me and say hello, but not everybody is that friendly. If they don’t want to know me, I might wave, but I don’t have to know their names or their families or their history. I just wave and go about my day. So why do we have to be the ambassadors of good will to every country in the world?

So this is where I disagree with our world today. I just don’t understand why we have American troops dying in another country in a war that is sucking down billions of American dollars and for what? Does anybody know? And if a small country on the other side of the world declines our generosity, is it so much for us to wave and say, “Have it your way. We’ll be here if you need us!”? Let’s take care of ourselves first. There are so many ways that our country needs to improve. Education cost is rising. Jobs are fleeing our country at an alarming rate. We have a large contingent of homeless people who can use help. Our economy is in flux. How about we fix those problems?

Don’t get me wrong, I know we are still very much a rich nation. As much as we gripe about gas prices and other such things, you can still go out for dinner on a Wednesday night and not find a parking spot. In a lot of cases, we have put ourselves in the economic predicament we are in, and we turn our heads and do nothing. Charge it up! Let’s see how long our economy lasts. But that is OUR problem. Maybe we should start looking into credit and how to regulate it. But somehow I doubt our government will. We are so busy making nice and meddling in everyone else’s business, that we have lost track of ourselves.

All you have to do is turn on the t.v. to see..we all want to be someone else. I argue this…let’s be ourselves and take care of our own. Then, once the ship is righted, let’s try to be friends. But until we get ourselves fixed, I don’t need to know my neighbor up the street. I need to get my home fixed first. And right now, my argument is…our house is broken.

Any thoughts? I look forward to some serious discussion on this one!

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3 Responses to Globalization and Why I Don’t Know My Neighbors

  1. Danielle says:

    I completely agree with you on this one. I am so sick of seeing the mess that is our own country, and wondering ‘Why the hell isn’t the government stepping up to fix THAT??’ It seems like our country might just be interested in good PR, but not so much good business practice? It is disheartening to know that our gas prices keep going up, the rich keep getting richer, and the middle class and poor continue to suffer in ways no one wants to address. Why aren’t our own people a good enough investment? Shouldn’t we be taking care of all these damn children that don’t get but one meal a day, or are homeless…..??….they are our FUTURE, correct?? And if we can make things better for them, maybe they can work on helping Africa, and Maynmar, and Iraq, and…you get my point.
    I could go on and on about this……

  2. mom says:

    Sorry to say this again, but look to the present administration for the U.S. woes. If you check to see what Bush has DONE in the last four years, it is put a trillion dollars in a war that cannot be won because the people over there don’t want us. Even the so called military that we trained is against us. The Defense Minister of Iraq was asked (and this was on CNN) why he didn’t put the 70million dollar windfall from their oil into rebuilding Iraq, and he stated that why should he when America jumps in and does it for him. It is the same in all the countries. All Bush has done is give our money away. Our great grandchildren will not be able to cope with what we owe China. In five years (count them Alan, when Chris is 11) we will be owned by China, because we will not be able to pay the INTEREST on the money we owe them. We have to vote in new people and new laws, and your generation HAS TO DO IT. GET TO WORK!!!! We cannot live any longer with the post WWII by-laws………love

  3. mandy says:

    Oh, c’mon now mom, be fair. We’ve only spent HALF a trillion on the war so far. 😉

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