What The Heck…The Postal Service?

Those were the days…
(when they apparently printed things upside down!)

So let me get this straight…postage stamps are going up by 1 cent to 42 cents on May 12th. How many times has this happened in the course of say…25 years? Let’s check, shall I?

According to this site, in 1975 the cost of a single stamp was 10 cents per one ounce (say an envelope). In 1988, that cost had leap-frogged to 25 cents. Thats a raise of 15 cents! That’s in an 11 year time span. So now let’s compare…

2001. The cost of a single stamp so you can send grandma a Mother’s Day card was 34 cents. Now, next Monday, it will cost ya 42 cents. That’s an 8 cent jump in 7 years. Okay…what’s my point?

Let’s just cut to the chase already. You know it’s gonna be 50 cents in a matter of 3 or 4 years. It’s gonna happen! So I say the Postal Service oughta just get there already and lock us into that rate for the next 10 years. Sound fair to everyone involved? Because it’s like water torture every freakin’ time I go in to mail a letter and I see that I have to by MORE stamps in order to use the stamps I already bought 2 weeks ago to send in my invoices so I can get paid so that I can buy more stamps!

Enough already!

Oh…and one more thing. I was waiting in line and the Post Office has this sign that says my credit card must be signed or else it isn’t a viable payment option. It can’t say “See ID” or you can’t have 2 different forms of ID with you or anything like that. The credit card MUST be signed. Well, that makes absolutely no sense. If my credit card falls out of my pocket and Joe Blow finds it and decides he wants to go buy $500 worth of those new “timeless” stamps, then he can just because it’s signed? You won’t even bother asking for ID?

Well here’s what I got to say to you, Mr. Postal Service guy…Pttttttttttttttttttttttttt! Here’s how I’m gonna handle this situation…

It’s called EMAIL. And now I won’t even need your services. So go ahead and make the price of a stamp whatever you want. You’re not the only kid on the block anymore…and honestly, I don’t need you.

Except when I want to send a card to grandma. Then maybe I’ll stop by. But I guess I won’t be bringing a credit card…


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4 Responses to What The Heck…The Postal Service?

  1. mom says:

    50 cents to mail a letter!!! My gosh what’s the world coming to? Thank goodness I pay my bills online, automatically, of course, so unless I send out Christmas cards (which I don’t–too many other things to spend THAT money on), or birthday cards (which I don’t—-I can’t remember MY birthday, let alone any one else’s), then I really don’t need the post office. Oops!! I just spend a zillion dollars on postage to invite a gazillion people to a tri-birthday party in June. Plus the postage for the RSVP’s. (How many of those will be returned? I’ll end up calling everybody) Anyway, son, I figure 50 cents is a lot cheaper than $4.00 a gallon to take the message in person, don’t you? Except any message to me should ALWAYS be face to face!!!!Love

  2. heather says:

    That sign has been up in the post office for a long time, about the time that people started advising you to write “see id” on the back of your cards. The reason the post office does that is because it actually voids your credit card if you do that. Ask your credit card company about it. Walmart has a sign on every register that says please have your id ready to show if using a credit card or writing a check. I have only been asked to show it one single time in the past year. So I guess it doesn’t matter what I write on the back….

  3. mandy says:

    Alan, they’re called “Forever” stamps, silly! And they’ve been out since before LAST year’s rate hike. So if you would have stocked up then you would have got them for 40 cents, and you could be a rich man today! Or something like that…

  4. tnemily says:

    Yeah, see, I do a lot of budgeting involving first class postage for the company I work for, and I DON”T want to see them just jack up the rate to $0.50…

    I get you, I do. But the bulk of mail comes from businesses, not individuals. We’re already in a recession, we don’t need to postage to make it worse…I’m already ticked at USPS to dropping this one-cent increase on us without much notice (after most companies have finished the budgeting process).

    I should add – our family pays more and more bills online and mails less and less – USPS needs to get with the program…

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