The Ava Blog

This is a blog with Ava. We are sitting at the computer. I want to blog. She wants me to draw bugs. Ants, ladybugs, spiders. I am typing with one hand. Drawing with the other.

How do you draw a bee, daddy?

The letter B or a bee, Ava?

A bee with a coat on it daddy. How do you make it. Is this it? (she draws on the paper)

Begin blog: Ava has her first…

Daddy how do you make a d, daddy?

You draw a circle then a line Ava.

Is this a b, daddy?

Yes…it is Ava. It’s a b…not a d though. Okay?

I’m done daddy, Can I get down?

Please do honey!

Daddy, I’m twisting you! (my chair is rocking back and forth)

Try to get me Daddy!

It’s my turn on the computer daddy. I won’t touch the buttons. Daddy, it’s my turn to be on computer! Daddy…daddy…daddy! It’s my turn to be on the computer. You took for a long time!

mmm/. uythu gnx k,vvijduopfd

“Ava! Come get your makeup on!” (Steph upstairs)

Ava jumps down and runs upstairs.

As I was saying…today is Ava’s first dance recital. She is very excited and will be wearing a bright blue outfit with lots of plummage. We got her pictures back the other day and she was so cute! So now today she has a 4 hour practice at the theatre where she’ll be performing and then the recital is at 8pm. There are a lot of rules and regulations that we are being forced to follow. Here are a few things about this that I would like to get off my chest…

First off…she’s 3 and she’ll be performing AFTER 8pm. And then she and all the other 3 YEAR OLDS will have to wait until all of the other performances are over. They can’t leave! They are not allowed to have any food or drinks (except for a single water fountain off stage) and she is not allowed to wear underwear under her costume (apparently panty lines on a 3-year old is a bad thing). Adding to my misery is that we are not allowed to take cameras or videocameras into the theatre. Are you kidding me? I pay to have my daughter go to a class one day a week for 45 minutes since September. I have yet to see her dance or tap. I would think that, as a parent, I should be allowed to record my daughter’s first performance. And what’s up with the scheduling? I would think there’s gotta be a better way than this!

And don’t even get me started with the “no underwear” BS.

Needless to say…Ava will be joining a gymnastics class this summer.  

There. I feel better now. Gotta go mow the grass…


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