Church Is Good

I don’t get to go to church much anymore. I started out Catholic and still consider myself Catholic. But since I got married in the Catholic church the first time I got married and then decided to forego that situation and then do it again…well…the Catholic church seems to frown upon that. So I’ve been moving around, drifting from place to place.

I wouldn’t say I’ve been particular about religion. Seriously, I learned what I had to learn many years ago. If you aren’t living your life to it’s fullest potential, then you really aren’t being religious. If you aren’t living up to the responsibilities that you have taken upon yourself, you’re not being religious. Basically, if you’re not following the Ten Commandments (if you don’t know ’em…they’re right here. Just don’t post them in front of the library. People don’t like it.), you’re not religious.

Here’s my deal with religion…I work most Sundays. It’s not that I don’t like going to church, because I do. I just can’t ever find the best time to go and/or the best place to go.

Right now, I’m kinda down on the Catholic church because of all of its issues. I still consider myself Catholic because I spent a majority of my life at a Catholic school and went to mass 3 times a week. It’s hard to get past that, even if I haven’t been to mass in probably 5 years or so. I was married the second time in a Presbyterian church. Which was fine. My wife has been taking the kids to a Christian church. I like it, but they like to sing…a lot. I’m not a religious singer so to sit through 30 minutes of music in an hour service kinda grinds me down. Baptist churches are great and have a very “down home” charm to them. Everyone I’ve ever met at a Baptist church is very nice and very happy to meet me. Which kinda makes me a little uneasy. The “new age” churches like to rock out and have bands and are a younger group of people. I like it, but I also enjoy the “old school” way of church. And going to church in a box isn’t my thing (seriously, decorate or something!).

Whatever…here’s my point. Church is good. Churches exist so that we can all unite and be a community and pray to our God of choice. Personally, I don’t know what all of the differences are. I realize that some religions recognize certain prophets. Some recognize Jesus as the son of God, some don’t. Either way, I still think that going to any church is a positive thing. It certainly doesn’t hurt.

But churches exist just like any other business. They are there to supply a need. If I need to talk to God, I can do it from my own home. If I need to hang with a bunch of people, I can go to the mall. If I am looking for salvation…well…I dunno where I go for that one. I go to church for one reason and one reason only…to feel like I am part of a community. I want to feel welcome. I want to feel safe. I want to know that there are people out there struggling with the same things I struggle with. That is what I need a church for. And really…living in the south, there are hundreds of churches within walking distance. I’m just looking for the right one…

Anyone got any suggestions?

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  1. Danielle says:

    I was raised Catholic as well. Confirmed and everything. And I used to ‘get something’ out of mass, until I turned 19 or so. And then I started to realize I don’t get much satisfaction, peace, knowledge out of all those old hymns and standing and sitting and kneeling and standing and….you get my drift. Also, like you, I don’t agree with everything the Catholic church is saying. And, they aren’t very inviting for newcomers. I did not get married in the Catholic church because they came across so shitty to my non-religion husband. But then, 4 years later, the church ‘blesses’ my marriage so that I can be my sister’s Godmother. Get that one???
    As far as the other churches…I have been searching for a church now that I have a child, and now that I am really starting to feel the need to get closer to and learn more about God. I have gone to a couple of non-denominational churches. Some are too Baptist in nature for me, some are too laidback, some don’t teach enough about God…….my suggestion would be to just start going to different churches. You will find one that sparks your interest and fulfills you, eventually.

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