American Idol_My Wife Tells It Like It Was

I was at work tonight, couldn’t watch the Idol, but my wife kinda caught me up through IM…

Here’s the way she saw it.

(9:08:22 PM): Ready for Idol notes?  Not nearly as thorough as last week … I missed a bit of it.

(9:08:35 PM): cool! go!
(9:10:13 PM): They sang 3 songs each — I missed first 2, but in the playback saw that David A. sang “So it Goes” … think that’s what it’s called.  Sayesha sang an Alicia Keys song and Cook sang First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, which gave me goosebumps.  Must download that one.  They each had a judge who picked for them.  Simon picked Cook’s.
(9:11:25 PM): Round 2 – David A sang a pop song, I think it’s called “Hearts All Over the World” — starts out with a bunch of lines about “my boo,” which Christopher asked what a boo was. Sayesha sang Fever  and Cook sang “Dare you to move” by “Switchfoot??”
(9:11:35 PM): Judges weren’t impressed with really any of them.
(9:11:42 PM): … for round 2.
(9:12:46 PM): Round 3:  Missed David A … was putting kids to bed.   I think it was “I’ll be in love with you.”  Sayesha sang a Rihanna song, no clue what it’s called.  They said it was in the movie “happy feet”.   Cook sang “I don’t want to miss a thing” by Aerosmith. 
(9:12:54 PM): Cook’s the only one I actually saw & heard all 3.
 (9:13:03 PM): he was the fav.
Al N TV (9:13:47 PM): Very cool
Al N TV (9:13:59 PM): So Syesha is probably gone
 (9:14:10 PM): i think so.
So there ya have it. Steph thinks Syesha is gone. I wouldn’t bet against it…
If ya want a bit more description, go here. I know I did…LOL
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