Bryan Adams At WalMart? Seriously?

I Do NOT Own This CD

So today I wanted to purchase the new album by Bryan Adams. I’ve listened to snippets of it on ITunes and I’ve liked what I’ve heard, so I figured I’d go buy it at the store because I like to get the music I like all packaged with the jewel case and cover art and stuff. It’s been something I’ve done for years, and I like wandering the aisles at Best Buy anyways. So I shot over there, ready to make my purchase. But here’s the deal…I get there…and no Bryan Adams! I looked everywhere. New releases. Nope. Looked under “Adams”. Lots of copies of “Reckless” and his “Greatest Hits” disk. But no new album.

So I head back home with nothing, feeling a little dejected. What the hell was going on? So I logged on and Googled it. Come to find out, they’re only selling it at WalMart and Sam’s Club! Now, I’m not a member of Sam’s Club, so really WalMart is my only option. And I gotta tell ya…I’m leaning against buying the new Bryan Adams now. Seriously…I HATE WalMart. I’ve even written about WHY I hate WalMart. Here is the repost.

So, needless to say, I won’t be buying the new disk with the jewel case and all that. More than likely I’ll download a few songs tonight from ITunes and call it a day. I know this isn’t the first artist to do this, but it’s the first album I’ve wanted to buy where this has happened. And to that I say “NO”! If the only place I can get an album I want is WalMart, then screw it.

I hate WalMart. Seriously.

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1 Response to Bryan Adams At WalMart? Seriously?

  1. Red says:

    I havent’ shopped at WalMart in like 5 years .. Nope, I’ll take Kroger, thank you.

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