Top 10 Greatest Summer Blockbusters

Seeing as how we are about to go rolling into the summer months, I figured now would be an appropriate time to gather about the campfire and figure out what the greatest summer blockbusters are. Let me begin with MY personal picks…

10. Spiderman (May 2002)
Who doesn’t want to see a man swinging between buildings and climbing walls in his tights? Aparently everyone because this story of the world’s most famous wallcrawler made hugh box office returns! Too bad the Goblin was so lame…

9. Terminator 2 (July 1991)
Ah-nold made his return (just like he promised!) and we were not disappointed. And the cool villain of the film could morph into anything he wanted! How awesome was that! So much non-stop action that if you had to pee, you were out of luck…

8. Batman (June 1989)
My sophomore year in college. I remember Prince’s “Batman Theme” playing on the radio and just couldn’t wait for this Tim Burton creation to hit the theatre. Jack plays the Joker soooo well. Can’t wait to see what Heath Ledger does with that character!

7. Ghostbusters (June 1984)
With 3 of the funniest guys in the history of American cinema strapped with laser packs on their backs, this summer fun/fright fest went on to make a little bit of cash. You know you were singin’ the song and the Stay-Puff Marshmellow Man became a staple in our hearts…

6. Independence Day (July 1996)
Forget Randy Quaid blowing up the mothership. Just think about all that led up to that point! Will Smith punching that alien in the face might be the best reaction I’ve ever heard in a theatre PACKED with people sitting on the edge of their seats. Still a fun movie to watch on a big screen tv!

5. Aliens (July 1986)
So much more bang for the buck in this sequel! Director James Cameron gets his money’s worth out of Sigorney Weaver and the mother of all slime kicks some serious star soldier butt.

4. Jurassic Park (June 1993)
Seriously, was there ever a scarier scene in a summer blockbuster than when the water in the glass starts to shake? You just knew that it was all gonna hit the fan after that! And it did! It was like riding a roller coaster at an amusement park…and you never wanted to get off…

3. Star Wars (May 1977)
This baby went on to spawn 5 sequels and made a gagillion bucks for Lucas and his squad of puppeteers. Still one of the most recognizable casts of characters ever put down on film.

2. Raiders Of The Lost Ark (June 1981)
Oh Indy…you are just so charming! With your bullwhip and fedora and the snakes and spiders and guys with melting heads and this little crusade of yours. Who knew that the Sunday matinee could bring people back in the theatres in droves! Harrison Ford’s benchmark performance and he loved it so much, he returns over 20 years later to tackle this character one more time. I can’t wait!

1. Die Hard (1988 July)
With the setting being Christmas, it’s hard to remember that this was a summer extravaganza! Lots of explosions and walking on glass and stuff. Oh yeah…and Bruce Willis shooting everything in sight and Alan Rickman playing one of the baddest nerds ever!

Yeah…yeah…yeah…you can flip 1, 2 and 3 however you want. Either way you look at it, those 3 will always be the greatest summer blockbusters of all-time!

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5 Responses to Top 10 Greatest Summer Blockbusters

  1. Amber says:

    I have to say, that is one of the best lists I have scene. You have really good taste Alan. Frank may say Vengeance was the best Die Hard, but though it was great my personal fav is the original. They all rock though.

  2. mom says:

    Amber: I have “scene”? Was that a deliberate mistake? You know, scene as in a movie? or seen, as in ‘the best I have ever seen?’ Maybe I shouldn’t ask that to an almost college graduate in front of a zillion people. Sorry, baby. mom

  3. mom says:

    P.S. I like your list Alan, except I didn’t like Jurassic Park. Too scary for kids. Also, I think Star Wars should be #1, Aleins way back at 10, Terminator, closer to the top, and anything with Bruce Willis REAL close to the top. Also liked the Will Smith movie. Shuffle your numbers. Love

  4. Amber says:

    Nope mom. I just do that sometimes. Don’t know why.

  5. John Cornell says:

    Have to say Jaws IS the number one summer blockbuster of all time and that’s not personal opinion but a fact. It is easily the most important film in this regard. It was the film that actually began the summer blockbuster concept as we know it today…that is a ‘must see event movie’ with wide release, huge marketing campaign, iconic poster and people queuing round the block in their droves to go see it.

    Jaws is the daddy of all summer blockbusters……and it’s most artistic and best acted of them all to boot.

    NICE! Someone finally caught on to the fact that I left off the original summer blockbuster! It is true that Jaws was the first movie in film history to make a gazillion dollars ($470 million, actually) and was the “must see” event of the summer! However, in my case, I was too young to see it in theatres…so I don’t include it on my list because I didn’t see it until years later on cable. And actually…it IS personal opinion based on the fact that there have been quite a few movies that have passed it up in overall gross (it’s ranked 63rd all-time). However I can’t argue that it is the grandaddy of them all!

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