Christopher’s Graduation

Due to bad weather which didn’t happen (see following post), my son had his kindergarten graduation this past weekend. They were supposed to have a big picnic and enjoy the outdoors, but it was canceled earlier in the week due to the possibility that it might rain. So they had a little party indoors and I hear it was really nice!

I wasn’t there, unfortunately. I was working, watching the Reds beat up on the Tribe this weekend. But Christopher was very proud and he and his buddy are all ready for the big kids school next year! I just don’t know if I am ready for him to go to the big kids school next year…

Oh well…I have 3 months or so to get used to that idea. For now…here’s a couple of pictures for Grandma and the aunts and uncles!

Christopher Gets His Diploma From Teacher Valerie & Teacher Gretta!

Christopher and his buddy Jack
(No…Christopher ISN’T small…Jack is just big!)

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4 Responses to Christopher’s Graduation

  1. Danielle says:

    What’s going on there with Jack’s shirt? Hmmmm…
    Oh, Christiopher is a cutie! Look at that grin!

  2. Amber says:

    He’s getting so old! Whats an aunt to do? Smother him in kisses this weekend… Ha Ha HA:)

  3. Red says:

    How sweeet! He’s sooo handsome!
    I remember when my kid graduated Kindergarten. *sigh* Now she’s fixin’ to be a big bad 4th grader.

  4. mandy says:

    Congratulations Christopher!!!

    Hey, make sure you bring his clubs this weekend, Alarik can’t wait to play some golf with him. It is THIS weekend, right?

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