The Gift Of Gab

The last few days I’ve been watching my 8 year old niece here in lovely Cincinnati. Her mother, my sister-in-law, has been working at a new job and so I’ve been chipping in and picking her up at school and what not. Bobbie is a wonderful child, very full of life and enjoys Hannah Montana & Scooby Doo, playing with her cat (Hannah…who is still at our house), riding bikes and, basically, just having fun. Oh yeah…and she likes to talk. A lot.

Yesterday I watched Bobbie for an entire day. Her school wasn’t in session so that the teachers could go vote, so she came over to the house and hung out with the kids until they went to school and then she hung out with me. I can’t say that I’ve ever listened to so much chatter in my entire life!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m from a house that had 5 women. And my mom is the reigning champion when it comes to chat. Between myself and my mom and my sisters and my brother and all of the grandkids, trust me…we KNOW how to gab. But Bobbie is definately in a league all her own!

I know so much more now than I ever have after yesterday. I know German. I know about Hannah Montana and her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus. I know about her friends at school and how one of them poked a finger down the other one’s shirt. I know that Bobbie used to ride a bike at her old house but it was nothing like riding on our street. I know that Bobbie likes things to be organized (or, at least, she told me she does as she helped me clean the garage). And so much more! There was such a vast knowledge of so many topics that I wouldn’t be doing her justice by trying to repeat it. Trust me…Bobbie has it going on in her world, and she wants you to know all about it!

So the Democratic party has Hillary and Obama. The baseball fans have the Yankees vs the Red Sox. American Idol viewers have David Cook and David Archuleta. Basketball fans have the Celtics vs the Lakers. Football fans have Ohio State vs Michigan. And I have my Mom vs Bobbie.

WHO WOULD WIN? I’m going with Bobbie by a length. Seriously…this girl can bring it! But I reserve my vote until after this weekend. I haven’t seen my Mom in a while and she might have a lot to say! Tune in next week and find out…who has “The Gift Of Gab”!

The ratings would be awesome! LOL

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