A Tisket, A Tasket…

So I flipped open my mom’s laptop this morning and her default home page tab is set to MSN. I began scanning the headlines and I see there is a slideshow of the world’s wildest architecture. Hmmm…interesting. Guess I’ll check it out!

So they list the Sydney Opera House in Australia, the Country Music Hall Of Fame in Nashville, the Guggenheim Museum in Spain, the Ideal Palace of Ferdinand Cheval in France, the Weisman Art Museum in Minneapolis. All very interesting, very beautiful architectural sites without a doubt. Then as I continued through the slideshow, I came upon the most odd, most ridiculous, most…woven building of all of them…

The Longaberger Office Building in Newark, OH?

 Just so you know, Newark is located not too far away from Zanesville. I have seen the building and it is quite…interesting. But I find it hard to imagine that on the entire planet Earth, spanning every country, of all of the architecture in the world, of all the museums and churches and bridges, that the Longaberger Offices in Newark, OH is one of the “greatest” on our planet.

Here’s the deal…Longaberger makes baskets. Lots of baskets. Big baskets, small baskets, baskets to put in your kitchen, baskets to put in your living room. You name it, Longaberger has made a basket for it. So…when the decision was made to build an office building for Longaberger Baskets back in 1997, what do you think they decided to build? How about…a GIANT BASKET!

Basket-shaped Longaberger Home Office, Newark, Ohio (Courtesy of The Longaberger Company)

So now, Longaberger is listed as one of the “premiere” pieces of arcitecture in the world! Amazing! And it’s right here in central Ohio. Oh what fun! Let’s pile all of the kids in the car and shoot on down to Newark and check out the giant basket building! And while I’m at it, I’ll keep heading east…’cause apparently in York County, Pennsylvania they have a giant shoe museum…and I have GOT to find out what THAT smells like!

Tourist photographs the Haines Shoe House in Hellam, Pa. (© Joseph Kaczmarek/AP)

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1 Response to A Tisket, A Tasket…

  1. mom says:

    Son: for a media artist, you have to take a ‘slow-reading course’. I don’t think the article said “Greatest Architecture”. I’m pretty sure it said “WILDEST” Big difference. We all know that Southern Ohio is Wild. Now, we have become the Wildest. Don’t forget to visit the Wilds. We also have Wild birds here, too. Also, some Wild animals. Lots of Wild as well as Weird, people here, too. Okay ‘nough said. Love

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