A Trip To Zanesville (By Christopher & Ava)


6pm – It’s a long drive to Zanesville. But we made it in record time! Can’t WAIT to see Grandma & Grandpa!

Grandma is THIS big…

Uncle Frank shows AJ how to hit

Aunt Amber IS Tiger Woods

7pm – Everyone starts to show up! Aunt Mandy and our cousins. Aunt Amber and Uncle Chris. Uncle Frank, Aunt Jacque and AJ. Deer in the woods behind the house. My Daddy’s godparents show up unexpectedly. That’s a nice surprise! He hasn’t seen them in years!

Uncle Bernie & Grandpa (BFF’s)

9:50pm – Daddy went to see “Indiana Jones”. Aunt Ruth Ann and her fiancee, Mike, were there also! The movie sucked. See Daddy’s review here.

Midnight – Daddy went to Uncle Frank’s house. He’s put a lot of work into his backyard and it looks great! Now…just have to find a place to put that swingset…

Daddy & Aunt Mandy (she loooves Daddy’s blog!)


8am – Up and rolling with eggs and ham for breakfast.

10am – Grandpa and Daddy head out for 9 holes of golf. Daddy’s high school basketball coach was there to hit at the driving range! Daddy hasn’t played golf in a while. The skies were blue and the course was in great shape! Daddy didn’t play great, but he blamed the clubs. Obviously they are broken. Uncle Frank needs to buy some new clubs ’cause those don’t work.

2pm – Daddy took Grandma & Ava to the mall. Looking for some shorts, but Ava wanted something at the toy store. She got a water-coloring book and some bubbles. Christopher hung out with cousin Alerick.

Ava shows Grampa how to water the plants

4pm – Back home, Daddy and Grandpa hopped in the car and went for a ride. It’s such a beautiful day! They drove past Grandpa’s old house, and then into McConnelsville where Grandpa and Grandma used to own a restaurant. The old Blue Bell is still open! On the way back, they stopped out front of a business that has the old family car still out front. Lots of weeds and stuff…but it’s definately the old family station wagon!

The Old Car

5:30pm – Time for dinner! Pork chops, spinach and mashed potatoes! It’s the dinner of choice for us! And it’s excellent as usual! Thanks Grandma!

7pm – Bath time for us! Gotta keep us clean or Mom gets mad…

9pm – Everyone in bed, lights out! Cousin “Bear” (Alerick’s nickname) is staying the night!

9:30pm – Daddy hung out at Frank’s house. They ate meatball sandwiches by Jacque and chatted about music and movies and blogging.


The monkeys on the monkey bars!

All Morning Long – Did nothing but watch cartoons, went to the park and played kickball and climbed on the monkey bars!

You have no idea how hard this is!

Noon – Cousin Dia and Kaia came over. Aunt Kathy is into yoga…so Aunt Mandy showed her how it’s done. All the girls were interested…but the guys just wanted to play Dance, Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero! Okay…everybody wanted to play…and cousin Kacey kicked ALL of our butts!

Uh yeah…Uncle Frank sucks at Guitar Hero too!

Kasey is good at DDR, but she ROCKS on Guitar Hero!

2:30 – Went out and played in the yard. Blowin’ bubbles and wrasslin’! 


5:00pm – Grandma & Aunt Jacque do the bulk of the cooking tonight. We love them soooooo much! And it was tasty!

Aunt Amber loves corn on the cob!

8:30pm – We’re all in bed. Looking forward to tomorrow when we get to see Mommy again! But it’s been a blast here at Grandma’s house! Can’t wait to come back and visit again! Love you Grandma! 🙂

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7 Responses to A Trip To Zanesville (By Christopher & Ava)

  1. Amber says:

    Did you have to post that corn picture? Really Alan, that’s embarrassing. Oh well, at least it’s not the guitar hero one. Oh yeah, Mandy is the one teaching yoga goof:)

  2. kat says:

    Mandy is the YOGI. I am just a grasshopper.

  3. mom says:

    I think that old Impala wagon is the one we gave to MaryEllen, Don’s girl, to go to college in. That’s a 1979. I can’t believe it is still on this earth. Where do rusted- out old Chevy’s go? Man, what memories!!! Glad you enjoyed your trip down-river….. Love

  4. Amber says:

    Kat, anyone who can balance their body upside down on their elbows is no grasshopper. What would you call me? Lazy ant? Love you:)

  5. Chuck says:

    Nice pics Al!!!! Especially amber w/ the corn on the cobb!

  6. Red says:

    Such a great post.
    Looks like a lovely trip!

  7. fjl21 says:

    Alan is now Guitarded.

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