What The Heck…Avis?


So my wife and kids went to Norfolk, VA a few weeks ago to go to a family members’ wedding. Not a big deal. I used miles to fly them there. But she needed to rent a car once she arrived and she wanted an SUV or something large enough to transport her and the kids and her mother and luggage without cramming someone into the trunk. Okay…I go to Expedia and they give me the price on such a vehicle at Avis. So I booked it! All done! Good to go!

She gets down there, uses the car and returns it with a full tank of gas. Conveniently enough, their “system” is down (who makes these systems? Hasbro? ‘Cause EVERYBODY is having “system” trouble these days…), so Steph can’t get a receipt for the vehicle and she goes on the assumption that Avis will simply charge her for the vehicle using the contract that she signed the day she rented it. She never receives an email notice or anything letting her know what the final bill was, so she assumed it was for what she signed for.

But nooooooooooooo. I get the Visa bill on Friday and they have billed her, without her knowledge, an extra $92! Good thing I watch these things, right? So I call them. Honestly, I have no idea that Steph bought gas in Norfolk and she is in the shower, so when the guy on the other end tells me that she’s also been billed for the gas, I go with it. My face turns red and the steam is shooting out of my ears! When she comes down after her shower to ask how it went, I wanted to turn and strangle her! But I didn’t…thankfully. Because she not only says that she DID buy gas, but the woman of my dreams ALSO has the receipt!

I love her so much!

So I call Avis back. Woman on the other end is nice enough, but when I explain to her the situation, she starts the grilling…

“What time did she purchase the gas?”

“11am, maam.”

“Where did she purchase the gas?”

“Well…says here on the receipt that she bought it at Joe Blows Gas Station on the Suck It Expressway at 11am. Would you like me to fax it to you?”

“Well…I’m not in Norfolk, so I’m not sure where that gas station is. I’m in Oklahoma. But yes…could you fax me that receipt and then I’ll take care of it for you.”

So I did and she took down my email address. I’m assuming I’ll get an email today at some point (as of this writing, I have not). But seriously…if this is the way they’re gonna operate, I’m going to take my business elsewhere, because that is bullcrap! They tried (unsuccessfully) to rip us off and we would have fallen for it if I hadn’t checked my credit card bill!

So listen up readers! If you ever rent a car, ALWAYS get the final payment receipt! Because if not, don’t be surprised if you get the bill back on your credit card statement and it’s for more than what you thought it would be.

And to Avis…well…not only do you need to “try harder”, you need to get a better SYSTEM! Of course…in order to do that they’re gonna need to rip you off for more money…so don’t be surprised when it happens!

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2 Responses to What The Heck…Avis?

  1. Red says:

    Yep, good thing you caught that!
    The only car rental joint we have in town in Enterprise, and thus far, I’ve had great dealings with them.

  2. Bell says:

    I just reserved a car from avis. Because of such high gas prices, I of course wanted an economy car. The ONLY car that was not a truck that avis had when I got there was a mustang. Horrible gas mileage. I’ll keep an eye out to see if they pull the gas thing on me.

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