A Word From The Doghouse

Why is it that women like to kick us outside and tie us to the doghouse without letting us know why? If I’m gonna be in the doghouse, I really need to know why or else I’ll go crazy…

Did I say something wrong?

Did I do something wrong?

Did I say something to someone else who told you that I said something that was wrong?

Did I do something to someone who knows someone who is best friends with someone you work with who told you I did something wrong?

What the hell did I do??? Yesterday I got up, ate lunch, went to work, came home. That’s it!

So why am I out here in the cold, shivering, waiting to see what happens next?

It’s all very confusing, the womanly way of handling issues. I don’t know if she’s just having a bad day. Maybe the kids are driving her crazy? Maybe she’s tired of having to go to Target so much? Maybe the cost of the repairs on our house is a little too much? Maybe she is so fed up with folding socks that she finally snapped? Whatever the situation, she was a lot different yesterday and now I’m left wondering if I did something or maybe it’s just one of those days?

Here’s the thing…normally I can’t get a word in edgewise in my house and this morning she’s as quiet as a mouse. Not good…

So I don’t know what I did, but I’m in the doghouse. And considering, maybe that’s not such a bad thing. At least I can sit in here, in the quiet, and just watch the door. Eventually she’ll come out and get me. I just gotta watch out for that boot!

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8 Responses to A Word From The Doghouse

  1. Ha Ha! It’s just as bad to not know what you did as having done whatever it was!! I burst out laughing the minute I saw the picture. Not that Briefcase ever gets sent to ours or anything!

  2. Amber says:

    She’s angry because you should know why she is angry. In her head it comes down to why the man she loves doesn’t even know or care why she is upset. We all do it. You say hormones, we say we love more.

  3. fjl21 says:

    I say semi-retarded. Use rational, not subliminial clues to your hearts desires. If a guy has an itch he scratches it. A woman will flirt with the idea, call her friends, make an off topic suggestion to their spouse and then complain that the man never fulfills her wishes. We are not puppies…Get out of the doghouse Alan and be the MAN of the house. Yeah! Don’t tell JC what I said though, ok?

  4. Amber says:

    I’m tellin!

  5. mom says:

    I’m telling, too!! She isn’t angry. She is just dissappointed that you cannot read her mind. You know, a pat on the butt , and a “great job honey” when you pass her once in a while says a whole lot. But you men think you don’t sulk??? Remember, we can’t read minds, either. I don’t know why your dad gets the way he does unless it rains. Then I know he is mad because he can’t go golfing. That’s the ONLY time I can read his mind. Love

  6. mom says:

    Alan: visited 24atheart’s blog. Great writer and very funny. Read all that she wrote. Jump over there sometime if you need a good laugh!!! Love

  7. fjl21 says:

    Nothing says ‘I love you’ or ‘good job’, like a firm smack on the arse. Good job on the blog Alan….I am mentally smacking your ass right now.

    Okay. This is the last straw. I’m gonna have to block my family from reading this site if you guys don’t GET ON MY SIDE ALREADY!!! It’s MY site…not the FAMILY site. Get your own site if you want to NOT be on MY side! And that goes for everyone! (Except Mom. She can do what she wants…)

  8. Red says:

    Okay .. did you umm .. wait for it ………….. ask her?

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