My Family Likes To Hit Me

It was really great going home this past weekend and seeing my family. And it was quite a pleasant surprise to see their overall reaction to this little blog site I got going on here. Everyone agreed that this was a great way to keep up with me and what my family is doing. We live a little over 2 and a half hours away, so it’s not always convenient to drive for a visit for an afternoon. So blogging has now become my new way of “not calling but keeping in touch”.

But what I want to tell them is this…I don’t want this to become the only way we talk to one another. I love that you like to read my posts and that you visit maybe…oh…125 times a day. But if you ever wanna chat, please don’t hesitate to turn off the computer and call, because I love to hear a voice from time to time. And I always like to chat about the kids and life in general.

So what I’m saying is this…I love you all and don’t feel like this is the easiest way to not bother me. If you want to call, I’ll make time. If you want to email me, I’ll return the email. I might not get to it right away…but I’ll get there. You are all the best part of me, and I want you to know that I will be here to listen or read anytime you want!

So that’s it. Now…about all these comments…

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2 Responses to My Family Likes To Hit Me

  1. mom says:

    I read your blog just before going to bed. It is just heart-warming to hear about you, Steph and the kids before I nod off. I even read it while you were here. Of course, I sometimes call you just the hear your voice say “I can’t answer right now, but please leave a message and I will get back to you.” I might even call two or three times in a row just to hear your voice!!! So when I read your blog, you know, I can HEAR every word you are typing, and you sound great!!! Love

  2. fjl21 says:

    I only read this stuff to fit in.

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