Vaca Blog 4: The Sex Talk

We’re on vacation. Relaxing after a great day. Steph has made us dinner which consists of leftovers and some pasta that she’s made. Right in the middle of dinner, without any type of warning, Christopher decides he needs to know something…

“How are babies made?”

Now our normal response is that the mommy gets pregnant and the baby is born…right? But not this time. This time, he wants answers, and he has obviously thought deeply about the questions because he’s using his hands and articulating very clearly what he needs to know.

“I know they’re in the mommy’s belly (hands rounding off his belly)…but how do they get there?” (hands in the air, raised in futility)

Ooookay…mom? Whatcha got?

Well…she looks at me, and I look at her and then we both tell Christopher that if he really wants to know how this all goes down, we have to tell him without his sister being present because she is only 3 and might not understand. That being said, Ava was a little shocked when she discovered that she was in her mommy’s vagina…so our worries are not unwarranted! So we put it off for a little bit.

Once both kids were away from the table, Steph and I discussed how to approach this dilemma. Should we call a friend who has already been through this? Should we call a hospital and ask a nurse to give a long-winded response? Or should we just wing it and see what his response is?

Still undecided, Steph went to give Ava a bath and I was stuck.

“Okay Dad…how does a mommy get pregnant?”

Crap. Okay…so I went with it and told him. Surprisingly he took it pretty well! I told him about the “seed” and the “egg” and he seemed to understand everything as I went along. He also now seems to understand why I don’t want him running headfirst into my “boys” anymore (which is a good thing!). So it all went well!

Then Steph came in and talked to him while I got Ava dressed and we played with some play figures. Once Steph and Christopher were done, we all got together in the living room and got ready for bed. Oddly enough, I haven’t really heard anything about it since!

So I ask…is 6 too early for this kind of conversation? I have no idea why this was such a conversation piece for him, but he really wanted to know! And he seems to be handling it very well for someone his age. So…that was kind of a strange little bump in our vacation plans, but it all went smoothly. Now let’s see how long it takes before he’s talking smack to kids in the 1st grade…”I know where YOU came from!”

That will be another nice surprise, I’m sure…

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5 Responses to Vaca Blog 4: The Sex Talk

  1. heather says:

    Mostly, they end up asking you about it again later, so don’t be surprised if it comes up a few years down the road. It’s not that they forget, but even if they seem to be listening, they don’t really comprehend how it truly “works”. And they certainly get educated about it by their peers, so if he doesn’t bring it up again, make sure YOU do, so you can dispell any “myths” that he may have been introduced to later on. You wouldn’t believe some of the stuff my daughter has told me her friends believed.

  2. mom says:

    Only answer the questions he asks. Don’t go into detail, because he will come back with another question. Ditto
    Heather’s answer. You are not off the hook, yet, and it is more important he comes to you and not a ‘friend’. Too many ‘friends’ want to ‘tell’ or ‘show’ him. Make it you and Chris, son. You’ll be glad you did. Love………

  3. mom says:

    P.S. Tell Steph to get ready, and also read Heather’s comment. She isn’t off the hook, either. Real important time in their lives, even if you think you are repeating yourselves. Love………

  4. fjl21 says:

    I have an extensive collection of “educational” films on this topic. Just kidding. I say when the topic comes up again, pop in boogie nights and run like hell. 2 1/2 hours later he’s a man…..or demented.

  5. Amber says:

    You’re just twisted Frank… twisted.

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