Sometimes Poop In The Pool Ain’t So Bad!

It’s really freakin’ hot today. Maybe 95 here in the metropolitan Cincinnati area. And with us living a little bit farther south, we have to be near 97! So what is a poor Dad to do? Take the kids to the pool! Yay! Great idea! And it was going swimmingly until we got the signal…

“Please remove your children from the children’s pool. There has been an accident. Please remove all children and toys from the pool!”

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! Doo-Doo in the pool! Doo-Doo in the pool! Everyone run for your lives!!!

So that sucked. And it closes down the kiddie pool for at least a half hour. So we are either gonna sit and watch these guys clean up doo-doo…or Daddy’s gonna think of something even better…


So off we went racing to the local hardware store! Had to get a new hose. Check. Had to get a cleaning brush. Check. Had to get a cleaning mitt. Check. Had to get some soap. Check. Had to get a Coke and Sprite for the kids. Check. CRAP! Blew the diet right there. Oh well…gonna sweat it out anyways…

Head for home and start cleaning out the Explorer. What a mess! All of the stuff under the seats and toys and papers and candy and…well…stuff! So I get all that out while the kids play in the sprinkler. Then it’s their turn! Hook it all up and watch ’em work! Ava did a lot of the mitt work while Christopher went through and got the car wet and scrubbed with the cleaning brush. They did a great job! And then after they were all done we went through and dried it (no wax today. Sorry mom! Too hot!). Here are some pictures! What a couple of hard workers! I’m giving them $5 for all their help. And they’ve already said they’re buying dinner tonight! BONUS!


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3 Responses to Sometimes Poop In The Pool Ain’t So Bad!

  1. I can wait until my kids are old enough to use them for manual labor!

  2. ashley says:

    How very Caddyshack!

  3. heather says:

    Awesome summertime fun!

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