What A Waist…

Okay…today was my 39 and a half birthday and, after spending a few days at the beach, I have decided that I am fat. Not in a ginormous sort of way, but in a “I’m pushing 40 and I better get my fat ass to the gym and start doing something” sort of way.

Most of my teen life I was around 125. Waaaaay to small. Then I hit my 20’s and put on a little extra muscle and got to about 155. That was pretty good! I’ve never been overly muscular, but I played a lot of basketball and had an active lifestyle. Now I’m nearing the end of my 30’s and I’m topping out at 202 and I’m thinking I gotta start hitting the Lifecycle or doing SOMETHING to make this tire deflate just a little bit!

So here’s my plan. I’m weighing in at 202 now. By my 40th birthday I plan to be at 180. That’s 22 pounds by December. Steph has told me that she is going to help (she can bug the crap out of me about biting my fingernails, so I know she can give me major shit about my eating habits!). Anyone wanna bet me that I can do it? Anyone wanna bet AGAINST me for a little motivation? I have got to get back in those size 36 jeans! I have way too many old clothes in my closet that I don’t want to get rid of! I don’t want to get old AND fat!!!

So it began today. Did some yardwork in 95 degree heat, did a lot of swimming with the kids, ate okay (I was at a birthday party! I had to have a slice of cake! Okay…I had 2…so sue me!) and I went for a fast walk with Barkley tonight. So I’m off to a decent start. I cut out fried foods and soda and keep working up a sweat, I should be all good…right?

Is anyone still here?



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3 Responses to What A Waist…

  1. fjl21 says:

    Pushing 40? Waist or age? :>
    Want motivation? You hit 195 by June 28th and I will stop my bad habit. Just to prove I am serious, I will stop now. But if you weigh a gram over 195 I am gonna light up while you are on the scale. 7 pounds, 380 smokes, 19 days. Deal?

    Deal. And Frank’s bad habit is smoking. A lot. And it makes my car smell. So yeah! You got a deal baby brother!

  2. mandy says:

    Good luck to you both!

  3. Amber says:

    Hey, my fat but wants in on this! I just bought a new Yoga DVD and this will be my motivation to actually open it. Yes Mandy and Kathy, you called it:) Good luck to you both! The race is on!

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