For Your Virgin Ears I Present…

“I’m thinking our cover should be pieces of chewed up gum. What do ya think?”

Ya know, there are few things better to me than finding a band that I have never heard before and thinking, “These guys are gonna make it”. I find them occassionally. I can rip off maybe 3 or 4 CD’s that I’ve bought in the last 10 to 15 years that have been such a great surprise that I listened to the disk for weeks and never took it out of my player. It happens so rarely that I can name them right off the top of my head (and many of them are on various lists that I have on this site!): Funeral For A Friend’s “Tales Don’t Tell Themselves”, Supercreep’s debut, Vampire Weekend’s debut, Blue October’s “Foiled” are a few. The point here is I had never heard them before, and their sound was new and fresh to me. Plus they had more than one track on each disk that made it worth it’s price of 10 bucks! So in that same vein, ladies and gentlemen I give you…

The Virgins!

Seriously…that’s their name and they are AWESOME! Sounding like a good mix of Elvis Costello and The Cars at times and then drifting into The Strokes sort of melodies, these guys are exactly what I needed to find this summer. I really think this has been a great year for music, so to find this little diamond among so many heavy hitters (REM, Gnarls Barkley, Coldplay) is really refreshing! I wish I could just burn off copies of this disk and give it to everybody, but I can’t…so here is what I recommend…go buy it. Yes…I said it! Go buy it and I promise you will love it! It’s poppy hooks are hard to get out of your head and every song is good! Coming in at usually around 3 minutes per song, there are worst things you could do with your time and I’m thinking you will be hard pressed to find better music that clocks in at about 30 minutes anywhere!

So check out The Virgins. Straight out of New York and looking like they are all under 18, these guys are pretty damn good. The song they’ve released is called “Rich Girls” (my personal favorite is “Hey, Hey Girl”)and you can check out their site at myspace here. I don’t like to be a pusher, but if you don’t check ’em out, I’ll never talk to you again…or write another blog again…EVER!

Well, at least, not today anyways….

Uh…better lay off the Pop Rocks guys…

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1 Response to For Your Virgin Ears I Present…

  1. My teens are so sick of hearing me play the virgins. They’re great!

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