Gee, Her Hair Smelled Delicious

For about a month and a half now, I  have been using a conditioner that my wife bought by mistake. It’s called Pantene Pro-V. She originally bought it because she thought it was shampoo. So instead of returning it, I’ve been using it. On the bottle, it says “Daily Moisture Renewal” on it. And right below that, in Spanish, it says “Hidratacion DIARIA”? I am now putting diaria on my hair…and oddly enough, it has been bringing back memories for me.

I know this is an odd start to a story, but hang with me here (I had to get the diaria thing in…sorry…)

So I’ve been using this stuff, right? And I swear every time I put it on I keep getting the feeling that I know that smell. I haven’t been able to place it. I’m sure millions of people use this stuff and it’s been driving me a little crazy! We didn’t take it on our trip with us, and I don’t know if it was being away from it for a little while or what, but yesterday…I finally got it.

The smell is that of my first girlfriend, Crista B. Now I realize that it’s been over 20 years and it’s possible that the shampoo or the conditioner that Crista used was probably something else. But I imagine if it were a P&G product (like a majority of this stuff is), it could very well be quite similiar to what she used. I haven’t talked too or thought of Crista in probably 17 years (ok…so I don’t get over getting dumped so easily. Leave me alone!)! So 21 years after the big breakup (damn you, Andy D. for stealing my girlfriend!!!) I’m back to thinking about my ex-girlfriend in the shower…

THAT’S not creepy…right?

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4 Responses to Gee, Her Hair Smelled Delicious

  1. Amber says:

    Better than thinking about the other people in your life who use it… three of your little sisters are Pantene Pro-V users, and have been since we were teenagers.

  2. Red says:

    Sure. No. Not creepy at all. No, Alan. Not creeppppy. *as I quickly and quietly make my exit!*

    😉 I kid.

    BabyShampoo has the best scent.

  3. back in high school, a chick tried to put the moves on me. We kinda sorta dated until she spent an “innocent” evening with an ex and I got rid of her.
    I guess she thought she would try to make it up to me by giving me some vag.
    She brought a friend over to keep my mom out of our hair, then put on cheesy music and started to make her move.
    Only, her hair did not smell terrific.
    I made up an excuse for her to leave.
    She should have bought some of that shampoo..

  4. mom says:

    I remember Crista. But I LOOOOOOOOVE Steph!!

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