Spinning My Wheels

You Will Do As I Command…

I remember when I was 16 and loved riding my bike. I would bike from my house to my high school to play basketball in the summer. Then I would bike back home (about 5 miles) and then bike back that night to play basketball again at the town square. It was always fun to ride through the country hills and smell the fresh cut grass and feel the summer heat. Well, this morning I tried to get back on that bike. Actually…it was a stationary bike…and there wasn’t any cut grass to smell. But there WAS a heat…and I was sweating like the old man that I am.

Let’s get this straight…I probably wouldn’t be trying my hand at spinning if it weren’t for two things. One…my wife’s friend Lori is the “leader” of the class. And secondly…I need to lose weight. Fast. And I figured this will be the best thing for me. I hate jogging. I have no initiative to do it myself, so I thought a little 45 minute session of spinning would help me out!

Today was my first day…and I hated it. No…let me rephrase that, because I didn’t HATE it. I just didn’t enjoy myself…and that’s MY fault. Actually the class itself was an awesome workout! My legs worked harder today than they have in a couple of years and I must have sweated about 2 buckets full. And the people there were very nice and very supportive (one guy even came up and told me I did a great job!). The fact of the matter is, I’m way out of shape. And so that’s why I hated it. It made me see what a slob I’ve become.

So three things I have to do in order to make this experience better…

  1. Buy the right shoes. Apparently they have clips on the bottom that will keep my feet in place on the pedal.
  2. Buy a water bottle. I started cramping around 35 minutes into the class. That’s never good! Gotta keep hydrated!
  3. Buy me a padded butt. Because apparently mine ain’t big enough. Seriously, if I don’t get the worse case of hemorroids I’ve ever had after maybe 3 classes, I’ll be surprised! So I guess they have these padded workout shorts you can buy. I’m DEFINATELY investing there…

So today was definately an eye-awakening experience. I have a long way to go but I feel confident that I can get this old body back in shape. Just takes a little time and effort. And besides, I doubt Lori or my wife are gonna let me quit THAT easily…

One woman I can possibly handle…but 2 riding my ass is waaaaay out of my league!

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5 Responses to Spinning My Wheels

  1. Danielle-lee says:

    I used to go to a spinning class, and I loved it! Other than the fact that my ass hurt from that little seat!

    That seat SUCKS! Bought ass padding today. We’ll see how it goes. If it don’t work out, I’ll have to break out the “bike in the garage since the annullment” just to justify the padded shorts! LOL

  2. Kim says:

    ” . . . cause two women riding my ass is waaaaa out of my league!”

    resisting . . . urge . . . to . . . make . . . inappropriate . . . comment . . .

  3. Red says:

    hahahaa! You’ll get it, Alan. Just takes a little time.
    I dont know how many miles you do in that 45 minutes, but my happy ass doesn’t ride more than 30 minutes a day. I cant seem to get past that 15 mile mark.

  4. Mandy says:

    You know, you might be able to handle two women riding your ass if you had those padded shorts…

    Got em! And I know…I USED to have 5 women riding my ass! Glad I grew up and moved out!

  5. mom says:

    You are PAYING to ride a stationary bike???? Gosh, Alan, I have two here at home. I’ll send one home with you next visit. Unless Amber takes one. Break down and buy one. The best one is a recumbent, ie: you lean way back so that your stomach muscles do the work when pedaling. It really works. Also another good one is ArobicRider. Mandy really likes that one.It’s like a bike and rowing machine all-in-one. It’s in dad’s room. You can try that one out when you get home, too. Betcha like them both. P.S. I use a pillow to sit on. I’m cheap!!!! Love……..

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