101 Days Of Sex…And Not The Guy’s Idea?

Oh…My…GAWD! Did I REALLY agree to this???

So there is a couple named Douglas & Annie Brown. They needed something to write about. So ANNIE suggested they have sex for the next 101 days. Then they could write a book about it. And then just put HIS name on the book. And then go on television and talk about it. And then make a gagillion dollars. Now THAT is an amazing story! So they did it. And now they have a book coming out soon.

According to this article on MSNBC, married couples have sex about 66 times a year. I am assuming they are interviewing people who don’t have kids under the age of 18. YOUNG married couples have sex a whopping 84 times a year! Obviously THEY don’t have kids either! Don’t get me wrong…I’m a guy, so the thought of having 101 straight days of sex with my wife is, of course, very appealing! Until it starts. Then I have to say…it would be exhausting! I mean…trying to get up, get the kids to wherever they need to go, get to work, work for 10 hours (both of us), come home, get dinner, get the kids to bed and then…hey! Let’s go have sex! For the 79th day in a row?!?!

Nah…I’ll pass. Doesn’t mean I don’t love my wife…just means I have other priorities…like sleep. But still, this couple says that even though it was tiring, it made them a closer couple. Made them understand each others needs and wants. Made them want to touch one another and feel closer to each other.

Of course I understand all that, but 101 days??? I’m thinking I could get THAT kind of stuff accomplished in 2 weeks and a few days in therapy. What THEY got out of it was a book. And they’ll make MONEY selling the book. So don’t go selling this whole concept of having sex is the best way to handle problems, ’cause it ain’t. Sure, it’s great…but it doesn’t help when the house is a mess and the trash needs to be taken out and the kids need to be fed and the bills need to be paid and it costs $75 to fill up our gas tank and my son has basketball camp in the morning and so on and so forth. All of THAT stuff makes a marriage. 2 people work to make it work…know what I’m saying? Sex is but a small portion of what a marriage or a relationship is all about.

So needless to say I WON’T be buying “Just Do It” which isn’t even in stores yet. Comes out next week sometime. Hell…even if I did buy it and I took their advice, I wouldn’t have time to read it ’cause I’d be having too much sex! I would just be ready to open it to “Chapter 4: Day 4: Now Let’s Do It In The Bathroom”, and it would be time to crawl back into the bedroom…again…

So for those of you interested and willing, let me know how it goes! I’d be curious to hear how much fun it was or how much you now hate each other after! Sex for 101 days…recommended by the wife…LOL. Yeah…like THAT would ever happen! Veeeery funny Mrs. Brown…

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4 Responses to 101 Days Of Sex…And Not The Guy’s Idea?

  1. Red says:

    84 times a year?
    that’s it?!!
    not in this house … maybe three times that amount.

    Really? Good for you! (P.S. You suck)

  2. Amber says:

    I’ll try it and tell you how it goes! Just playin’ Alan:)

    Yeah…I know you would much rather be working! LOL

  3. sexysplitsvilla says:

    Nice Post..Keep doing
    All about Love,sex,glomour in Reality shows

  4. Danielle-lee says:

    Wow! You are the ONLY guy I have ever heard actually say they don’t want to try to have sex every f-ing day of the week, and then proceed to explain that the kids need to be fed, the trash needs to be taken out…..gah, will you talk to my husband please? He just doesn’t GET how sex doesn’t seem high on my priority list. Sheesh.
    But this might be fun to try…my husband would be excited!

    I might just be the dumbest guy on the planet! LOL

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