Lego Star Wars (a.k.a. Kiddie Crack)

Surrender your first born…OR ELSE!

For Christmas, Santa brought Christopher a Nintendo DS. After much debate and worries, we decided that Christopher had been very good at his reading and math and seemed to enjoy doing both, so it was time. There were many kids that he plays with who had them and he had been asking for one for a while. So…he got one. It was the highlight of his Christmas. He got a couple of games…a pinball game, a Shrek game and a Pokemon game. None of them seemed to bring him much joy. The DS eventually was put away and brought out only when and if we went on a long trip somewhere.

Well that WAS the case until Saturday. And as a gift, one of our dear friends got him the Lego Star Wars videogame. Granted, it’s only been 2 days and it usually takes a week or two to take the shine off of a new gift. But this thing should come with a warning! Something to the effect of…

WARNING: Anyone who attempts to play or participate in the operation of this game WILL become severly addicted! Once you start, there is no going back! If you have any work that needs to be done or any other household chores that must be seen too, please refrain from turning this game on until work has been complete! This will be your ONLY warning! Play at your own risk!

I asked Christopher to go throw away one of his juiceboxes that was sitting on the table in our living room. He never came back! I went to look for him. He was playing the game in front of the trash can. It was if he had no idea where he was standing! This morning he was literally the shape of a pretzel, lying half on and half off the couch playing it. I tried to ask him if he wanted breakfast and all I got was some kind of Wookie noise. WTF???

Is this what I’m in for? Is this what I was like way back when the Atari or the Activision came out? I remember being somewhat addicted to those handheld sports games. Remember those? The ones that used the little blips and you had to break through the hole in the blips to score a touchdown? Nothing like what kids have today, that’s for sure!

So I think my son might finally be addicted to the DS. And he is addicted to a Star Wars game. Seems somewhat appropriate. I remember being totally addicted to Star Wars cards and action figures when I was a kid. Things have definately come a long way since then…haven’t they?

What about me? Hellooooo?

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5 Responses to Lego Star Wars (a.k.a. Kiddie Crack)

  1. My nephew is soo addicted to that game, it makes me want to play Lego Star Wars too!

    Guys, his warning message above is valid! 🙂

  2. ashley says:

    We have this for the Wii. I agree. It’s crack.

  3. ashley says:

    PS – Why do my comments always have a mad turtle on them?

  4. heather says:

    I have been thinking about getting that game for my DS too, and a Pokemon game of some kind. I remember playing the original one on the oldstyle Gameboy. Right now I am all “Cooking Mama 2” and “Super Monkey Ball” -ing it up. =D

  5. Kim says:

    We have the two seperate games for our XBox and the Complete Saga for the DS.


    Have you seen . . . they are coming out with a LEGO Indiana Jones soon! Jamison can not wait.

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