The Princess’ Purse

Goin’ to Target this morning. Got stuff to buy and I’m taking the kids. It’s always a risky venture, taking the kids to Tar-ghay. Especially since Mom has a whole different agenda whenever she goes. I usually have only one thing in mind when I go to Tar-ghay…bathroom supplies. I need shaving cream and soap. So…today seems to be as good a day as any to go. I’ll probably pick up the new Coldplay while I’m there. And, of course, each child will get something.

Through the years (probably the last 2 or so), my wife has started a nasty habit whenever she goes to Tar-ghay. She either gets the kids something to eat, she lets them pick out a toy, or both. I have not been real keen on this little tradition, considering she goes to Tar-ghay about 4 times a week. However, now that I need to go, I have decided that I will follow her lead. Daddy rarely gets to spend money on the kids and so I figure there are worse things I can do than honor the Tar-ghay shopping code implemented by my wife!

As soon as Ava found out that we were going to Tar-ghay, she packed her bag! She has quite a few purses and bags lying around the house, so she promptly packed the one nearest to her (a see-through Princess bag) with the following shopping necessities…

  • A princess cell phone
  • a princess tiara
  • a magic wand
  • a tiny stuffed bear
  • a small doll
  • a panda bear keychain
  • a hairband
  • money (actually it’s a door key from a hotel. She thinks it’s a credit card. Scary…)

She is all set to go! Oh yeah…and she even applied lipstick. It’s definately a good time to dress up when going to Tar-ghay! Dad, on the other hand, is wearing ripped up shorts and an old t-shirt from New Orleans. Hey…we ain’t goin’ to Best Buy…

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3 Responses to The Princess’ Purse

  1. Amber says:

    She is such a mini-Steph:) Perfect in any situation!Too cute Alan!

  2. Red says:

    Hah! that is so great, Alan. She’s a dolllll!

    Thanks Red! Thankfully she looks like her mother!

  3. Danielle-lee says:

    How freakin’ cute is she??? It is a huge event when we go to Target too. My girl LOVES to go down all the aisles, and always gets me to buy her something…not that she really has to twist my arm.
    And you are right-It’s not a big deal to spend a little moola on your kiddos. 🙂

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