Old Pictures, Old Memories

For our “Big Birthday Bash” this Saturday, my Mom asked me to put together a video of old pictures to music. Because I’m the “TV Guy” in the family, this sort of thing usually is my job for family functions, but this time it was kind of strange considering one of the subjects is me. So I got to go through a bunch of old pictures of myself from way back in the day.

It’s always entertaining to see how geeky I was back then (as compared to now. Obviously I’m MUCH better looking now). Seriously…the 70’s were not a good decade for fashion. We all know this, however looking at pictures of myself from that time, I really don’t know what we were thinking. It all looked gawd awful! The one memory I have of the 70’s fashion is a suit that my Dad had hanging in the back of his closet. The suit was white, had a huge collar and the shirt was covered in gold coins. It was just awful, even by 80’s standards, and I wish I had that suit today because I would TOTALLY show up for the party this weekend wearing it! How freakin’ AWESOME would that be!?!? LOL

Speaking of the 80’s…that wasn’t exactly the greatest years of my life for fashion either. As my siblings will proudly tell you, I wore a lot of things I shouldn’t have. Some even questioned my sexuality and I don’t know why my Dad never told me I couldn’t wear something like that out in public! A cutoff pink “Breakdancing” shirt? Multi-colored shorts? Tight-as-can-be white pants? Uh…no. You couldn’t pay me to wear that kind of clothing again! Just awful! Hell…even my senior picture I had taken with my basketball uniform on and the shorts were about 2 sizes too small! It’s amazing I have kids today…

I also leafed through a bunch of old pics from my first wedding. My glasses were huge. My face was too thin. My brother was a tiny little wimp. So much time has passed since that day. Well…13 years! I’ve changed glasses several times, I’ve definately beefed out. And my brother? He’s still a wimp, but not so tiny!

So I’ve got the video all edited. Took me about 4 solid nights of scanning pictures, picking out the right music, editing it all down with effects and moving backgrounds. All the kinds of stuff that a guy in television HAS to do or it would look like an amateur did it…and I couldn’t allow that! I’m a professional! Plus…you pick the wrong song and it makes for a really bad video piece…but I think I picked the perfect tunage…

So I’ll be going home this weekend to visit with my family, visit with old friends and remember what a great life I’ve led for the past 39.5 years. I’m really looking forward to it and I know my Mom is excited! I just hope she knows that I don’t need a party to remind me of the great family I have. I think about them every day and I wish I could see them more. I’ve got a lot of great memories of home and I consider myself very fortunate. I know a lot of people who don’t have that!

So I will be posting pictures of the party I’m sure! Just don’t expect any of my Dad’s 70’s swinger suit. Or my pink, cutoff “breakdancing” shirt! THAT kind of stuff will just have to remain legendary…for now!  🙂

Addition: So Kim thought I should add some pictures to this post. I agree. For Kim…and I’ve decided only the swinger suit will remain unseen…LOL

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3 Responses to Old Pictures, Old Memories

  1. Kim says:

    All this talk of old pictures and you didn’t post any!?! What is up with that!!!!!

  2. Kim says:

    Wow! Christopher sure looks a whole lot like his Dad!!

    Thanks for the pics!!!

    He does, doesn’t he?

  3. danielle-lee says:

    I love that last picture. It’s great!

    No, fashion in the 70’s was not always very flattering. I just giggled when I saw the plaid shirt.

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