Yes, It Is True…

What? They cut it down to 2 hours on TBS?

4 movies in less than a week. Every time I go home, the first thing my brother and I do is check the movie times. It’s just what we do! And we always get into an animated discussion of the movie we just saw, or we get into a heated debate on what are the best movies ever made. After seeing “The Happening” the other night, we had nothing to discuss about THAT atrocity, so we started up on other films. And that’s when the truth came out…I have never seen any of “The Godfathers”.

I know, I know…it’s an abomination. It’s sacriligious. It’s unbelievable. But it’s true. And now I’m feeling all bad about it. I’m a fake. As a film critic, I’m not credible anymore! What will my reading public think???

Oh wait…I’m NOT a film critic. Riiiiiight…

So I guess the fact that I haven’t seen the #1 and #3 greatest films ever made according to IMDB’s viewers poll doesn’t really matter because I’M NOT A CRITIC. Hell…I’m not even a film student! Oh sure…I took some film classes back in my college days (as a matter of fact, I saw “The Untouchables” in one of my film classes. NOT any of “The Godfathers”. Obviously a bad choice by my instructors at Ohio U.), but mostly just to fulfill credit hours.

So I haven’t had the time to sit down and watch over 9 hours of Godfather goodness. I should have done that maybe 15 years ago when I had hours to sit around and watch movies and play video games and…well…do whatever I did back in those days. And the truth be known…I don’t even like the gangster genre that much! I’ve never understood our fascination with the mafia and the mob and the Don Corleone’s and the Sapranos. Can I watch gangster movies? Sure! Do I understand why some people really get into it? Sure! But it’s never been MY thing. I prefer sci-fi or horror or comedy. But I guess this makes me a bad film critic (which, once again, I’m NOT a film critic!).

The thing with “The Godfather” and it’s sequels is this…I can’t just flip it on in the middle of it because I haven’t seen it. Everytime I see it on cable, I can’t start watching because I’ve never seen it before. If I don’t watch it from the start, what’s the point?

So I’ve never seen “The Godfather”…or “II”…or “III”. So sue me. But don’t I get points for having seen the #2 film probably about 500 times? Seriously…I can watch any part of “The Shawshank Redemption” at any time and I’m all good with it.

So now the truth is out. I’m NOT a film critic. I’m just a guy who likes movies. Maybe my brother IS better qualified to be a critic than I am. HIS favorite film is ranked at #22 while mine is nowhere to be seen (BTW…this same list has “The Wizard Of Oz” at 108 behind “The Big Sleep” and “Return Of The Jedi”…so I dunno how much I would trust this particular list). And I’m okay with that. Of course, I’m the one willing to put my thoughts out on the worldwide web. He only wants to write whenever the mood strikes him. So now I ask…who is more entertaining to read? Maybe we should let the viewer’s choose? Here’s HIS link. Let me know what you think!

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2 Responses to Yes, It Is True…

  1. fjl21 says:

    My blog may suck, but at least I have seen the Godfather. Your movie list is now null and void.

    My movie list also includes “Night of the Comet” and “Dodgeball”. So…my list was pretty much null and void a long time ago! And it’s NOT a comprehensive study in film history. It’s MY favorite movies. I don’t see your list on your site…maybe you should post it and we can see all the great American classics that we should all be watching…

  2. danielle-lee says:

    Don’t listen to your bro. Your list isn’t null & void! Although…I am still surprised you have never seen Godfather. That’s like, against the laws of movies or something!

    Yeah…I know. He loaned me his box set…so I’ll be watching hours of gangster goodness here soon!

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