Another Blog About Gas Prices And How It’s Hurting Our Everyday Lives…

They’ll leave the light on for ya…

Reading my morning paper this morning, as I am apt to do, and I came upon a story that brought a tear to my eye. On page A2 (that’s the page on the flip side of the Front Page), right next to a story about 2 medical helicopters colliding in Flagstaff and New York City dropping trans fats, The Cincinnati Enquirer chose to print a story related to gas prices. Big surprise, right? Except THIS story was how the rising gas prices are affecting brothels in Nevada.

Yes…you read that correctly. Brothels. As in cathouses. Or whorehouses. Or places to go to pay for sex. Apparently with the rising gas prices, long-haul truckers aren’t stopping in as regularly as they used too. Seems they are having to fill their tanks with gas to get where they are going. This, of course, costs a lot of moolah! So…now they can’t stop in, fill ‘er up and roll like they used too (get it? Fill ‘er up? I crack myself up…).

So the brothels are coming up with new ideas to keep business hopping! Several promotions are happening at several different locations (Nevada has 28 LEGAL brothels??? Seriously?). At one site called the Shady Lady Ranch, if you spend $500, you get a gas card worth $100! Wow! That’s a great deal! Or if you go to the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, if you are one of the first 100 customers to spend your government stimulus check (which I have YET to receive!), you get DOUBLE the service! Incredible!

Well…I for one can’t think of anything BETTER to do with my check than to mosey on down to the local henhouse and pick me up a hot chick and get DOUBLE the fun! I’m not exactly sure what that means…but I’m sure it would take a pair of plyers and a rachet wrench to get the smile off my face once the “transaction” is all done!

Anyway…I just thought I should get the word out that the world’s oldest profession is suffering because of today’s gas prices. Seems kinda sad to let the hookers of the world go without a little company just because George Bush and the cronies in Washington can’t seem to get the economy straightened out. Bet the girls at the Bunny Ranch could have this all taken care of in no time! And maybe W could get a little something-something on the side…just as a goodbye for all the hard work he’s done screwing up our country! A screw for a screwing! I like it! LOL

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2 Responses to Another Blog About Gas Prices And How It’s Hurting Our Everyday Lives…

  1. danielle-lee says:

    Fill ‘er up!? A screw for screwing? You crack me up!

    Yeah, I haven’t received my stimulus check either. Damn it-I had a big trip to the Bunny Ranch planned.

    I know! I was gonna drive to Nevada from Kentucky…but I figure the cost of gas would leave me with $5 once I got there…

  2. well in fairness, those brothels are usually many miles outside of town. Or so Ive heard.

    Uh huh…

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