Oh What A Party!

So my Mom threw a heck of a “Birthday Bash” for myself (turning 40), my brother (turning 30) and my Dad (turning 70!) this weekend! It was a fantastic time with all of my friends and family. We had a great dinner with great music (Thanks Steppenwolf!) and dancing! A lot had to happen to get everyone there for the evening, but my Mom pulled it off without a hitch. My best friends all made an appearance except for J.T. (work and a sick pet kept him in Memphis) and they all seemed to have a great time (and if they didn’t, their kids did!). I got to see a lot of my relatives, including my 2nd cousin Erin, who I hadn’t seen in some time and cousin Tammy who gave me a busload of crap about turning 40. And I also got in touch with my best friend from when I was a little boy this weekend. We didn’t get a chance to see each other, but we chatted on the phone and we’ll get together sometime. Anyway, below are some pictures and a great time was had by all! Thanks Mom!  🙂

The Birthday Boys

Put Me Down Grandma! I Wanna Dance!

Oh…for cryin’ out loud…GET A ROOM!

Christopher Does “The Robot”

Me And My Peeps

Ava Looooves Blue Icing!

My Cake Was A Little Sweeter…

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5 Responses to Oh What A Party!

  1. Looks like fun. Happy Birthday!

  2. heather says:

    I love blue icing too!

  3. mandy says:

    So you did get ahold of Mason? That is so neat.
    Yeah, blue icing rocks. Gotta love smurf-tongue.

  4. danielle-lee says:

    Mmmmm, blue icing!
    Holy shit, your brother is the same age as me! Jeez.

  5. kcalland says:

    Christopher does the Robot and apparently Steph collapses from the hilarity of it all?

    I can totally relate as my child makes me laugh out loud on a daily basis. I’m telling you we need to get these boys together. They would do some serious damage.

    I digress . . . looks like a great party!!! Happy Belated Birthday Al!!!!

    Hugs and kisses,



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