And More “Sex For Gas” News…

                   And you know where you can stick it…

In Fort Wright, Kentucky, police arranged a sex sting in an attempt to curb the world’s oldest profession from setting up shop at a respected hotel establishment (a Days Inn) and made a disturbing discovery…

A woman was willing to trade sex for a $100 gas card!?! She was accused of prostitution and…get this…doing business without an occupational license. HA! An occupational license??? For hookers? Can you buy one of those at Wal-Mart? Or do you have to go to the DMV to get one of those suckers? LOL

Anyway…I digress…

So now we’ve come to this point. Sex for gas. This is the 2nd story of this kind of transaction in a week. What a sad state of affairs we are in when the hookers of the world can’t get to their tricks because they don’t have any gas. What is the world coming too?

So I guess if you are out after a late night and you see a woman approaching you in high heels, lingerie and a gas can…you’ll know what SHE wants from ya. And it ain’t money! She wants your gas card! So just be aware and on high alert!

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1 Response to And More “Sex For Gas” News…

  1. Great minds…or is it twisted minds…think alike. LOL!

    Hey, I’d rather she did it for gas than drugs or something.

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