And Then We Hit An All-Time Low…

There are a lot of things wrong with our world today. So many things that we’ve broken. So many people suffering. So few who are willing to give their time and effort. And this news story that came out yesterday has been bothering me ever since I saw the video posted all over the web.

A 49-year old woman died last month while sitting in an emergency room waiting area for over 24 hours. The video is actually quite disturbing, so I’m not going to post it, however I can tell you this…people watched it happen and did nothing. 6 people have been fired because of the event. And the hospital (Kings County Hospital in New York) has been sued by a state agency siting the hospital as “a chamber of filth, decay, indifference and danger”.

2 questions here…and I’m curious because I have no knowledge of anything that has to do with hospitals or psychiatric wards, so work with me here…

First off…why would anyone watch someone collapse on the floor, in a hospital, whether you are on staff or just waiting around also, and not do something?

And secondly…when does a hospital get to the point that it has to be sued for “filth, decay, indifference and danger”? Are the people working there not professional caregivers? Or are they just homeless folks looking for someplace to hang out for a while? Aren’t there qualified doctors on staff who have some kind of personal pride in where they work? I’m really curious about this because it seems to me that someplace like a hospital is a sacred place. A lot like a church in that people can go there for help. A hospital should be staffed with nurses and doctors who have extensive experience and knowledge. People who have worked to get to a place where they can make a difference. It seems somewhat incredible to me that a place like Kings Co. Hospital exists today! This hospital sounds almost like the old horror film psychiatric wards of long ago…with electric chargers and torture devices!

I don’t get it. We have definately lost our way. This video and the video of the man in Hartford, CT getting hit by a car as traffic continues to roll along are proof that we are at an all-time low in our culture. America is sick and there is no where to go to get well again. Especially not at the emergency room of the Kings County Hospital! We’ve all seen what happens when you check in there!

I’ll pass…thanks.


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7 Responses to And Then We Hit An All-Time Low…

  1. mandy says:

    To top things off, it said she was involuntarily admitted. So they dragged her there, then stuck her in the waiting room for 24 hours and let her die. No one bothered to notice her convulsing on the floor, but I bet if she tried to leave (and get herself to a real doctor) security would have been all over her.

  2. danielle-lee says:

    Holy Hell. I missed both of these stories and videos. I’m mortified. And really mad. Fucking people.

  3. danielle-lee says:

    Okay, I just watched the video of the lady in the psych waiting room. Jeez. And the lady who sat there and did nothing, but then you can see her gesturing to the doctor/nurse whomever, like she is all up in arms about the stituation.
    Also, just to let you know, I had a fair amount of experience in going to psych. waiting rooms (not for me), and the staff at the little desk/window…they are so numb to the shit they see every day, that they don’t even pay attention anymore. Also, the other people in the waiting room: you see allll sorts of stuff go on while you are waiting, and you sorta just stick to yourself, b/c you have NO IDEA what someone is thinking, or why they are even there, and it can really be scary. One time I had to shag ass to the only elevator b/c an unstable person started ranting and raving about something, and PULLED OUT A GUN. I ran for the elevator and called 911, but the lady at the desk?? Just fucking sat there.

  4. danielle-lee says:

    And the guy getting hit by a car?? Holy shit. It makes me soooo mad to see all those people just drive around him, stand there and stare, and the person who actually did it…..I sure hope they are drowning in guilt right now. That happened around here a few years ago-a girl hit a homeless guy at nite, and drove home with him stuck in her windshield. Several hours later, she had a friend help her dump his body in a local park. His family was searching for him, and then they found the body. Nice, huh?

  5. danielle-lee says:

    And PS. The man was still alive when he was stuck in her windshield. She pulled in the garage, and he died, stuck in her windshield.

    I might be wrong here…but I think they made that into a movie or t.v. show or something because I know I’ve heard of that case before…

  6. danielle-lee says:

    Maybe, but it was also on national news and CNN, I believe, so maybe you heard it that way?

  7. mom says:

    Danielle-lee is right. It was all over the news and later it was an episode on Law and Order. They also made an episode of the woman who ran over her husband and then backed up over him and then ran over him again. She said she didn’t know she hit him, but the new cameras at the intersection showed her backing up over him and then running him over again. OVERKILL!!………love

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