I Hate It…When I Drive Behind A Stupid Driver

Okay…now you put it in the ignition…

Just so you know, Mister “I-Drive-A-Really-Big-Cadillac-And-Live-In-A-Really-Nice-Neighborhood-And-Own-A-Really-Big-Freakin’-House”, you CAN turn right on a red light in northern Kentucky and just about anywhere else in the country where there isn’t a sign saying “No Right Turn On Light”. You just have to inch forward, look both ways and then ease out into the right hand lane. It’s perfectly legal…and fun for you and the prissy looking wench sitting next to you!

And then, once you’ve done that…please stay out of the left-hand lane while driving 15 mph because at that point you have become an open target for not just MY rage, but for the rage of many, many others.

Learn to drive…idiot!

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3 Responses to I Hate It…When I Drive Behind A Stupid Driver

  1. Maybe they were having car sex and he was distracted.

    Uh…no. He wsa just being a stupid driver in his big, dumb car. I seriously doubt Ms. Prissy has let him anywhere near her for probably quite a few years!

  2. AMEN! Ive never understood why old people buy these 400 horsepower boat cars when half those ponies will never leave the stable. sorry, got stuck behind a Buick this morning that I thought was driving itself until I finally passed it (in the right lane, natch) and realized the octagenarian driver had just shrunk below the steering wheel.

  3. danielle-lee says:

    Holy shit. You are in a funk, aren’t you??

    It was a one day thing. I’m over it. But thanks for worrying about me!

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