It’s A Beautiful Day…And The World Can Bite Me

What is wrong with me today? I don’t know if I got out of bed on the wrong side (and which side IS that anyway? I am so sick of hearing that…), or if I have a case of the Wednesdays (an “Office Space” reference. Look it up…) or if I just don’t give a shit. I am so annoyed with everything and everyone…

I wanted to keep the kids home today so they wouldn’t feel like all I do is drop them off at camp, but I got so tired of all the questions (“Can I play Guitar Hero, Daddy? Can I? Can I? Can I? Uh…how does it work Daddy?””) that I had to do something. I figured I could drop them off at camp and then go to the gym, get home in time to work on the bathroom toilet (more commode issues…ugh) and then get a shower and head off to work. So off we went AFTER I packed their backpacks with all the crap they need for the 5 hours that they are there (Swimsuit? Check. Lunches? Check. Tennis shoes & socks? Check. Etc and so forth). Then I couldn’t find my daughter’s class once we got there so I walked around for about 35 minutes looking. Oh well…there goes THAT toilet time…

Then my wife calls…”Whats the matter? Are you mad at me? Did I do something? Am I not pretty? What are we going to do about (insert anything that has to do with money here)? I’m sorry if I upset you. What did I do?” Aaaaaaagh! Shut up already! It’s NOT always about you, hon! Sorry…but it’s not! Really!

So I went to the gym to look for my “happy place”. I shot around a little, worked up a sweat, but I got nothing. No solace. No clearing of the brain. Just annoying thoughts. Too much to do, too little time. Got regular work to do, got home work to do, got work due next month that I’ve got to do. Forgot to pay last months taxes. Still haven’t gotten the stimulus check. Gotta pay union dues (which I HATE doing), got a lot of bills. Dog needs shots. My car’s in the shop. I’m really kinda fed up with all of it. And then mix in today’s news headlines (see the posts following this one) and I just feel angry about stuff. Can’t really understand why…just do.

Toss in this really not-so-good Lean Gourmet I’m scarfing down for lunch, and you have a complete day. I think I would just rather curl up into a ball and sleep all day. Which is too bad…’cause it’s really a very nice day outside. But I gotta go to work in an hour anyways…so even a pretty day doesn’t really matter. Hope my co-workers know what they got comin’ their way…’cause I’m in a bad mood.

I got nothing for a quirky ending. I’m just pissy. And that’s it.

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3 Responses to It’s A Beautiful Day…And The World Can Bite Me

  1. danielle-lee says:

    Oooohhhh. I totally get this. I really hope you find your solace, or your quiet place….

    You mean it’s not always about us wives?? Whew. what a damn relief.

  2. fjl21 says:

    Thats sucks! My day is going A W S O M E ! Bla, Bla , Bla…cue Alan rolling eyes….

    Shut it

  3. Allison says:

    A day like that deserves much better than a Lean Gourmet.

    I saw Office Space far too long ago to remember the reference, but I borrowed it from my neighbors and look forward to sinking into it again soon.

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