The Joker

How hyped are you for the new Batman flick coming out? If you are as much as I am , it means you have already started making comparisons of the Jack Nicholson Joker vs the Heath Ledger Joker in your head. However…don’t forget the t.v. show Joker, Cesar Romero!

Who’s YOUR choice for the best Joker???

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35 Responses to The Joker

  1. Matt A. says:

    All indications are that Ledger’s Joker is, by far, the most frightening, intense version of the character.

    Every piece of footage I’ve seen looks to confirm that and I think that’s how the Joker should be. Not to take anything away from Jack, but he was more of a likable villain and you really shouldn’t like a sadistic, psychopathic murderer.

    Of course I will reserve judgment until I see the whole film.

  2. danielle-lee says:

    Jack was great. Don’t remember the TV Joker. Can’t wait to see Heath’s Joker. So, uh, guess I didn’t really answer your question, did I?

    And thats ok! Thanks for participating! LOL

  3. russ4life says:

    I’ll cast a vote for Mark Hamill for his voice of the Joker on the 90s Batman cartoon. His voice went from jovial to sinister just like I’d imagine the Joker’s voice would.

    Okay…NOW you’re just showing off! LOL

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  5. ok i loved the cartoon version of the joker but it was really cool to see someone play him in a movie. Jack Was a really good joker but Heath Ledger did an amazing job. yes he died and can never play the joker again but if there is another movie of batman with the joker in it i dont think Jack should be the joker b/c he’s gotten older. But picking another Joker shouldnt be too hard there is soo many great young actors who may be able to play him in future movies

  6. alan says:

    overall i think ledger’s take on the joker is the best and most sinister, but the voice of the joker belongs to mark hamill.

  7. Steve Markus says:

    The Dark Knight is highly over rated…Ironman was superior

  8. cheaa says:

    Ironman was good but it was NOT superior to Dark Knight!

    I agree.

  9. brianna says:

    heath ledger gave the best porfance of all time he definitely deserves an oscar
    but his memory shouldn’t live on through more than the characters he played
    i haqven’t seen iron man yet but i loved the dark knight and love heath ledger
    may he rest in peice and be honoredby how good of a guy he was better then how he played his roles
    he was a great actor but a good man

  10. Brianna says:

    Heath Ledger is by far the best Joker, even when only looking at pictures! No offense to Jack or anything, but he as the joker is too clean cut, pretty, and well… a bit likable.
    Heath is dirty, ugly, he makes you quiver, and laugh (mostly out of fear). He looks the way an unempathetic psycho mass murderer should… creepy.

    Creepy is a perfect way to describe it.

  11. Tony says:

    I think Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker is the best ever. I’m a fan of Jack Nicholson but as someone said, he’s likeable and funny, I was never frightened when I saw it and I was a little boy, but Ledger’s performance gave me the chills sometimes. This is the best batman movie ever hands down !

  12. Jeremy says:

    Heath Ledger’s joker was by far the best. Not to take anything away from jack but he made it more funny. Ledger’s Joker was actually creepy as i think a psychotic killer should be. He had the ability to get inside your head and really freak you out.

  13. Zach says:

    I agree that Heath Ledger was a pretty good Joker, but you gotta love Jack Nicholson’s portrayal of a lunatic. Someone who is going to make you laugh because of his actions and words. He was insane. I thought Jack was awesome, having said that, I think that Heath had a great Joker laugh that sent a chill up your spine.

  14. Dave says:

    Cesar Romero was a great Joker for those times, when you couldn’t really get away with too much scary and such on T.V. but he played the part well. Mark did a good voice and is the one that most reminds me of what I think he should sound like. A comedy loving murderer. The Batman movie from 1990 where Jack Nicholson played the Joker was awesome. Not as scary and ugly as Heath, but IMHO, definitely the best, hands down. Funny and psychotic, hence the name. Heath did a great job on portraying the anarchy of Joker but he wasn’t as funny as I’d hoped. However, he gave his best performance and I’m proud of him. God let him rest in peace. Like someone else said; let him be remembered for his personality and not his parts. It is very hard though not to think about that performance though, it will immortalize him. They will scratch his name in steel for the way he played the Joker. Psychotic, violent and sociopathic ……. not as clowny as I expected, but still great. I think he’ll scare a lot of kids in that get up and that’s what Joker is supposed to do, scare you. I do believe he should make you laugh though because of his macabre sense of humor. Heath deserves an Oscar for that part, but I still think Jack Nicholson nailed it back in 1990.

  15. tim van says:

    i agree that heath was the best yet but this photo here is a photo of my great great uncle Cesar Romero. rip

  16. ADG says:

    Saw Dark Knight for Joker only. And it was one helluva performance from Heath Ledger. He didn’t play the joker, he WAS the Joker. He was darker than the Superhero and more sinister than any other villain that comes to my memory… And I believe that this is the real Joker. If the villain turns out to be “Funny” then the movie is a comedy for sure. Joker was a psycho and a psycho he was in DARK KNIGHT. By far the best Joker to me…

    If it’s the superhero, then, DARK KNIGHT is overrated. But, c’mon, the Joker in the pack stole the show.

  17. TYNAN says:

    i luv heath ledger i think the dark knight joker iz the best out of all of them

  18. The dark knight says:

    i have to say the joker in the latest movie the dark knight. is absoloutly the meanest and most terrifying of all in my perceptions. do you agree? i saw it last week and boy o boy i want to see it ten more times. quote heath ledger “do you want to know how i got these scars?” …. “well i’ll tell you anyway. my father was a drinker. and one night….” you will have to watch it for the whole story. i dont want to ruin it. 😉

  19. Allie says:

    they were all great at their own times

  20. melissa* says:

    Cesar romero played a great Joker, if you’re into the “wham bam boom” typical 1960’s superhero television shows/films. He was great in his time but when we saw Jack Nicholson’s interpretation, we saw another demention to Joker that we hadn’t experienced in the live action Batman shows and movies before. Then came Mark Hamill. He did a great job voice acting the part of Joker, bringing more of a schizophrenic side to the Joker. However, with all that in mind, i still say that Heath Ledger was the best. He didnt play the Joker, he WAS the Joker. He made you feel the most hopeless, as if nothing could be done to save Gotham. Heath’s is the only oscar worthy portrayal of the Joker ever done, and i hope he gets nominated.

    I agree wholeheartedly. Ledger’s performance was awesome.

  21. Just saw the new Batman movie (I know I’m late). Really liked it. I liked Jack. He has always been the way I have thought of the Joker. And of the old movies, that one is the best in my opinion, and Jack is probably the reason why as well.

    Heath is playing more like a maniac, and that is maybe what is right too. This movie is more filled with action, and that suited him well. He played amazing. Good actors try to really become their character, and if he did so with this Joker character, it’s not strange that he died. I would have died trying.
    Heath as the Joker really freaked me out. he was so scary.

    When it comes to the others that have played the Joker, I haven’t seen them or payed attention to them.

    Allover, I like Jack Nicholson the best as the Joker.

    Ps. For you guys discussing Iron Man here, next door on the left. Iron Man was a good movie too, but don’t mix DC and Marvel. Two different universes (sorry for being a pain on your asses). And this is The JOKER forum.

  22. thedarkknight says:

    heath ledger obviosly. he was brilliant as the joker. Ive seen the dark knight 4 times now and everytime the joker is not on screen, i miss him…Heath was hte best

  23. raven says:

    I’m pretty tired of these, ‘who is the best’ things… Everyone has a different opinion and it depends if you have seen all versions of the Joker, animated and live action. Why do we have to measure the live action versions and not consider the animated versions? There are after all actors behind those cells.

    Personally, I think Mark Hamul is the best Joker. Yes, Luke Skywalker! Yes I know he did the voice of one of the animated versions, but I really do think he was the best actor to portray the Joker because it was the closest any of them ever came to portraying how I saw the Joker in my head. He wasn’t as goofy or camp as Joker had been portrayed in the past. They had scailed it right back to it’s root, he is a phsycopathic maniac, a mad dog with no agenda or reason behind what he does. He does not need a mask to make him a freak, he IS the real freak. Ok, the visual design was far from what I imagined in my head, but the acting was spot on.

    If I had to choose the best life action version, I have to go with Jack Nicolson, purely because the Joker would not be what he is today without that Actor. After all, it was in that movie that Batman became the Darker, less goofy and more psycological gothic tale that it is today. Heath Ledger’s portrayal was brilliant, amazing maybe, but I think that was really down to the costume and make up. His performance was that of a more serious Joker, like a snarling rotweiler rather than a laughing Hyena.

  24. cecily says:

    I remember cesar romero as the joker. I watched the show. I liked jack Nicholson he was great, but heath legar was the best of all time. My fieance and my brother are obsessed with the new joker and wish they were him!

  25. Sam says:

    Heath Ledger was way better

  26. Alan'z says:

    i choose Heath Ledger because when he said “WHHYY SOO SERIOUSS ??!!” and “LETS PUT A SMILE ON THAT FACE!!!” the voice is really make me thrilled… wow, loved it!

  27. L-Chan says:

    You know I think that the Heath Joker is over rated..if he wasn’t dead….would you think the same of his performance?
    Or would you still think he is that one guy from brook Back mountain? I personally Like the Jack Nicolson Joker. I felt he portrayed the joker the best. But Hey that is just me. I have seen all of them…and I like him the best…Mark Hamul does the best Joker my book… X1

  28. Steven White says:

    OK. Ceasor Romero was the best
    and only the best Joker in the world.
    Jack Nicholson was next with his insane
    out look of the world and Heath Ledger
    was next. Heath Ledger was never a big
    role player to everyone till he Died. thats
    why Heath was so good, he really wanted
    to get out of his serious mind state and
    take it to the limit. Mark Hamill was ok, not
    the best person to pick.

  29. merley says:

    I reckon Heath Ledger was the best. I’m NOT trying to change peoples’ minds, just voice something.

    Even if he was still alive, I’d think the same.
    Because Cesar Romero was far too campy. Villians are meant to be feared. So was Batman, sort of. He wasn’t a hero, he was a revenge-bent vigilante and THEN became a *sort of* reluctant or obligated hero.

    Jack Nicholson you kind of laughed *with* and weren’t all that afraid of him, he seemed too jovial.

    Mark Hamill’s voice was a little better than Heath’s, but Heath did good considering he’s a fellow aussie, and that… is it New York? I dunno, American accent anyway, with the gravelly voice was pulled off pretty well.

    But Heath was the best, because I remember that moment in the cinema when he did the “Disappearing pencil trick”. The cinema was filled with a freakish mix of nervous shouts and laughs, screams and gasps. You’d laugh, but it was UNEASY. It scared people, that’s what did it for me.

  30. merley says:

    Oooh and fyi everyone; Heath Ledger was in a few really good movies, like “10 Things I Hate About You” and “A Knights Tale”.
    He was the lead in the movie “Ned Kelly” too, but I reckon that was a flop actually.
    He may not have mattered to the rest of the world until The Dark Knight, but his fellow Aussies loved him ever since he was on the local soapies 🙂

  31. Sarah says:

    I think that the Ledger Joker is by far the best i’ve seen.I think that he really shows who the Joker actually is. Ledger did a great job showing the phyco side and he was should i say ‘into the part’. I think the Nicholson Joker looks totally fruity and I give all my vote to Ledger!

  32. Liz Alexander says:

    *Note- None of what I say is a slam on Heath Ledger, it’s a slam on the script writers.*
    While I will admit that Heath Ledger could not have done a better job at the ACTING he was not THE Joker. The original joker was not a homicidal fool. This one is, and the script writers wrote him a horrible part. I do not believe this joker was “intense” in way, shape, or form. He was pathetic really. The ORIGINAL Joker was constantly doing different things and always irritating while quite hilarious. My boyfriend and I both have concurring opinions (and we both grew up watching the batman cartoons and I’ve read the comics) that the script writers failed to capture the true essence of the Joker. Also, if not for Heath Ledgers death, and many people’s wish not to speak ill of the dead, would he have gotten even HALF the ratings he did? Regardless, let’s not put to much thought into an unanswerable question. I believe that Jack Nicholson did a magnificent job as a Joker and that Heath Ledger did not quite fit the part. I don’t really remember Cesar Romero so I can’t say much for that particular casting but, I still stand by my statement that Heath Ledger played on of the worst Joker, even if through no fault of his own.

  33. GC RECORDS says:

    yea i think the joker from the dark knight was the best out of all of them.. i just wished that there mightve been some kind of a sequel starring heath ledger again.. but that’s not gonna happen…

  34. david says:

    he is indeed good

  35. mike says:

    wtf… i cant even believe someone said ironman was better than the dark knight… seriously? the dark knight makes iron man look like just another movie because of how perfectly heath ledger was able to play the joker and what a great cast it did have. iron man was good and the actors did good with the roles they played but heath ledger did one of the greatest performances i have ever seen. only problem i had with the movie is that it didnt have enough joker.

    ps. (to the ppl who think jack was better than heath)
    i thought both jack and heath did amazing but remember to
    keep in mind while the jack and ledger joker are in a very different mindset, think about how the times have changed since the batman movie with jack came out. very different people, attitudes and ideas. HAHA i remember a movie with cesar as joker, if you watch it you will deffinitly get what im trying to say

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