What The Heck…Wayne Newton?

Driving to work today and passed this humongous billboard announcing the arrival of Las Vegas’ favorite son, Wayne Newton. I’m not a fan, but from what I understand, nobody gets more women to take off their panties (and launch them onstage apparently) as this guy. And I have to wonder…why?

Is it because he looks like he’s still 35? Because you gotta know that this guy is 66 years old. Plastic surgery has been very, very good to him. And that’s okay…because plastic surgery has done horrible things to other stars (helloooo Priscilla Presley) so if it works for Wayne Newton, that’s cool. But here’s the other thing I don’t get that maybe some of my female readers can respond too…what is this guy’s appeal? I don’t get it…

Here is a list of his hits listed by Wikipedia…”Daddy Don’t You Walk So Fast”, “Years” and “Danke Schoen”. Uh…okay. He’s listed as being in several movies…except in all of them he’s basically playing himself. I’m not insinuating that the guy doesn’t have talent, because I have no idea. All I’m wondering is why women throw their panties at him? Is there some cologne that he uses? Is there some hip shake thing that he does that makes the ladies swoon? WHAT IS IT??? ‘Cause I want it! To use on my wife…of course…

So what is the Wayne Newton secret? Anyone care to respond? Because this is very important to me. The dude is playing a casino here sometime in the near future, and instead of shelling out money to go see him get mobbed by women (mostly over the age of 66, I imagine), I wanna know his secret.

And then I can only hope that when I decide to go get MY plastic surgery when I’m 65, I end up looking like him! I definitely wanna be playing shuffleboard with my wife and have strange women with walkers whippin’ em off and tossing them at me! Ahhh…to see the look on Steph’s face will be priceless! LOL

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9 Responses to What The Heck…Wayne Newton?

  1. mandy says:

    It’s gotta be his level of self confidence or something, but I don’t get it either. Maybe you have to see him in person for it to work.

    Maybe I could throw a pair of boxers at him…that wouldn’t be weird, would it?

  2. Wayne Newton will never get my panties. Oh wait – I almost never wear them anyway. Well, if I did he still wouldn’t get them. yech .. bleh .. and yech again. The guy is gross. So, yeah – I’m not a fan either. And I can’t imagine anyone being attracted to him. Did I mention … yech?!

  3. Shit, did I just tell the Internet that I rarely wear panties?

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Uh…yeah. And now you’ll have a whole NEW group of daddy bloggers comin’ your way! LOL

  4. danielle-lee says:

    Ewwww! I have never thought he was cute, or attractive, or even remotely worthy of a lift of my eyebrows! Ewww! How can anyone just chunk their panties at him!? Blech!!

    You could throw your bra instead…whatever makes you happy! LOL

  5. Ruth Ann says:

    I can only imagine what the women who do that must look like, I myself would surely not want to see them with there paties off.
    Now waite a minute, that doesnt mean I want to see any women with there panties off.

  6. mom says:

    Hah!! I’ve seen you ALL without panties (or boxers!!!)

    Geez…cmon Mom! No one wants to hear about THAT! (Plus…I wear briefs…)

  7. danielle-lee says:

    Bahahahahaha! Your mom actually said she’s seen you NEKED!!! and she posted it on the internet! LOLOLOLOL!

    NO, throwing the bra would not make me happy. He does not deserve any of my undergarments, damn it!

    Oh…you think THAT’S funny? You should meet her in person!

  8. kcalland says:

    Jeez . . I come here to comment on Wayne Newton and stumble into some family drama about underwear? What kind of blog are you running here Alan???


    Anyhoo . . . I don’t get the Wayne Newton thing . . but I LOVE LOVE LOVE his scenes in National Lampoon’s Las Vegas Vacation. Classic.

  9. Julie says:

    I am one of those women who throw panties at Wayne.
    I get them at the 99cent store. I don’t take mine off,
    really you guys! His appeal is that he is fun and yes you do need to be there to get it! I have seen Wayne at least 200 times and I keep going back because I love him and his show. His voice is about gone but his spirit and soul is what makes him special and why so many love him and we aren’t all old, fat and ugly. I have taken at least a dozen people to his show ranging in age from 13 to 72. None of them liked him until after they saw the show and everyone of them enjoyed him and said they now understand why i love him. He is a person who is not only talented but has a way of reaching out to his audience. he enjoys himself and does all he can to make the
    audience enjoy being there. He very simply makes you feel good and for a while you forget your problems and the mess this world is in. Julie

    Fair enough!

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