Spinning My Wheels: The First Drop

This will be the last of my “Spinning My Wheels” series. First off, not everyone wants to hear about spinning and it’s becoming a good routine for me now, so you know it and that’s enough of that. Secondly, there’s only so much good material I can get out of sitting on a stationary bike and spinning in place for an hour…so you see where I’m going with this. Anyway, I’m gonna squeeze one more story out of this whole experience and it is the most important one for anyone out there who is about to embark on an exercise program or is making an attempt to better themselves in any way. It’s my way of “Pumping You Up”!

I don’t know a lot of things. I’ll be the first to admit that. Yes, I did graduate from high school and college. Yes, I have had a job a majority of my adult life. Yes, I have managed to succeed at what I do. Yes, I do have a pretty good life. But the one thing that has often eluded me is my ability to get past “the wall”.

The thing about working out is that it’s entirely up to me to do what is right for me. I’ve never liked jogging because it hurts my knees. So I don’t jog. I’ve never enjoyed weightlifting because it makes my joints sore for days (which is bad when you have to type for a living!). So I do very little weightlifting. But I’ve found something in spinning that I never thought I would find in any other sport besides basketball…a will to do the best I can.

When I’m spinning, I have to take it one wheel turn at a time. Like I’ve mentioned in past writings…it’s not necessarily difficult, but it takes a bit of mental work to add weight on and to keep my legs moving. And really that’s all that I can do. No one is sitting there telling me what to do. No one is there to bark at me from the sidelines or to slap me on the butt and tell me to keep on movin’. It’s all on me!

I hate the wall. It comes at me at high speed and I see it from a distance. Usually, in the past, I would slow down and turn around. I don’t like the wall. But my perspective is changing on how to deal with that situation. I see it, but I close my eyes and think of something positive and then I look down. The first step I have for getting past that wall is a single bead of sweat. It takes me about 8 minutes to work up a good sweat when spinning. I hear the music. I get into a groove. And then it builds and I feel my body getting hot. The best way to get past that wall is to watch the first drop of sweat hit the floor. The second that happens, I know it’s gonna be all good. And I know I can get it done! Just like that…I’m past the wall and moving ahead.

I don’t know what you are trying to accomplish. Maybe you are trying to lose weight. Maybe you are trying for a new job. Maybe trying to quit smoking. Maybe you are a stay at home parent trying to get past the yelling and screaming and needy children. Whatever your situation, look at it from this perspetive…the more sweat that hits the ground, the better off you’ll feel once you get past that wall. And make no mistake…every situation has it’s version of “the wall”. You can stop and turn around, or you can face it and press on. There’s really no other option.

I know because I am trying to get past it every day! Trust me…if I can do it…so can you. Good luck! And remember to watch for that first drop. It’s all downhill after that!  🙂

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1 Response to Spinning My Wheels: The First Drop

  1. mom says:

    Good for you darlin’. Now if you can just keep encouraging Frank. He has this cough that just won’t quit. He says it is a cold, but being his mom, I’m convinced he has something dreadful. You know I’ll leave it at the cross, and let Him take care of it. But you keep up with your one-drop-at-a-time. You’ll be glad you did the day YOU get to walk Ava down asile and not her uncle, because you will still be here for her. Thank God for my babies!!!!

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