10 Businesses That Are Thriving In Today’s Economic Times

Everything is costing more. Gas prices are soaring. Because of it, product costs are soaring. Our country is in a world of hurt. However, there are some businesses and products out there that are doing pretty good considering…and here they are…

10. The makers of “Home For Sale” signs
Whoever makes these babies is making a mint! I see them all over the place!

9. Products that boost gas mileage
Even though the EPA has tested hundreds of these gadgets, none of which really work, we are buying them by the carload.

8. A hotel near you
Because no one can afford to travel anymore, more people are staying close to home for a quickee vacation. That means your local cheapie motel is doing just fine…(kind of)

7. Lottery tickets
Everyone has the dream. And with today’s money buying so much less, why not spend it on something that might actually make you money some day? Just make sure to get the yearly payments, because taking it all up front will mean more taxes for you!


6. The George Bush & Hillary Clinton voodoo doll
I think you can order them online in boxes of 500. Apparently they’ve been selling out. I can’t imagine why…

5. Internet porn
Apparently once America got it’s stimulus checks, it had nothing better to do than to go download porn. I don’t make this stuff up! Who knew we were so bored?

4. Hospitals
Heck…they’re doing so good that they can afford to let people die in the waiting room! Got an ulcer from not being able to pay your taxes? Get in line, sucker! 

3. Hybrid cars
Truthfully, they’re not as great as everyone thinks…yet. But that hasn’t stopped us from waiting in line to get ’em.

2. John Stewart
No one…and I mean NO ONE…is on top of their game more than Stewart at this point in an election. He’s ahead of everyone…and that includes the candidates! Why doesn’t HE run for president? His writers could be his staff and all hell could break loose…but at least we’d be laughing!

1. Credit card companies
Oh sure…you can’t pay right now. Let it ride ’til the next time…and pay a penalty fee so large it will double what you owe in a matter of a couple of months! And if you can’t pay it? Your credit score is done for! They got us right where they want us…over the proverbial barrel. Cut em up folks! It’s the only solution…

Eenie, Meenie, Miny…MO!

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2 Responses to 10 Businesses That Are Thriving In Today’s Economic Times

  1. Danielle-lee says:

    Um, what about the oil and gas companies themselves? They appear to be doing just fine. The vice-president of XTO Energy bought a $7 million home for his mother-in-law in this area, and only had to use a few of his paychecks to pay for it. That just pisses me off to no end!!!

    CRAP! You’re right! I totally blew it on that one! I guess I just was thinking that it was the companies overseas that were making the moolah…but that would include the execs of our country also. Damn…

  2. mandy says:

    Jon Stewart could cross (fictitious) party lines and ask Steven Colbert to be his running mate, thus benefiting from the “Colbert Bump.” 🙂

    Now you’re thinking!

    Sidenote: I was really proud of this blog and no one seemed to care. My feelings are hurt… 😦

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